Why Boys Should Be Celebrating Women’s History Month

Why Boys Should Be Celebrating Women's History Month

My family is full of powerful and strong women. They’ve taught me so much over the years and have helped me to become the woman I am today. When I became a parent, I was excited to teach my child the same lessons my single mother, aunts, and grandma taught me. Then I found out I was having a boy. Over the next few years, I added two more little boys to the mix.

I started asking myself how I could teach them the same lessons and it hit me. Boys can learn just as much from strong women, if not more. It not only teaches them how to be better people, but inspired them with true stories, reminds them that women can do anything, and teaches them to respect women and their achievements.

Women’s History Month is the perfect opportunity to teach boys about strong women. While the month is focused on women and young girls, that doesn’t mean the boys should be ignored.

Influential women in history can teach our boys more than we think. Here are three reasons why boys should be celebrating Women’s History Month, too.

3 Reasons Boys Should Be Celebrating Women’s History Month

1. Inspired Boys With True Stories

Throughout history, women have taken courageous steps to defy society’s expectations.

Sarla Thakral was the first female East Indian pilot. At 21 years old, she was the first Indian women to fly a plane! She paved the way for other women to become pilots as well.

Mildred Loving stood up for love and because of her and her husband, Virginia stopped the ban on interracial marriage.

Harriet Tubman risked her life to help slaves get to freedom in the North.

Helen Keller defied all odds. She was deaf and blind, but learned how to communicate, graduated college, and fought for others with physical handicaps.

There are so many women in history that there is always a new story to learn. Find a story they haven’t heard before and let them get inspired. Let them see how one woman’s choices have changed their own lives.

2. Reminds Boys Women Can Do Anything

Society gives us the impression that men are better than women. By teaching boys about courageous women throughout time they see that the only thing that can stop a woman is her own fear. Women can do anything they set their minds to.

Most of the women our boys will learn about this month were told at some point in their lives that they couldn’t do it. They kept moving forward anyways and now the whole world knows who they are.

3. Teaches Boys To Respect Women

After boys have learned about real life, heroic women they start to appreciate them more. They realize what women have gone through to have the same rights as men, courageous moments they’ve had in history, and how they’ve helped to change the world. As their appreciation grows, it turns into respect. Their appreciation makes them want to treat women better and to help fight for a better world for men and women.

What do you think boys should be celebrating Women’s History Month?

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Brittany is the voice behind The Almost Indian Wife blog. She is raising three biracial boys with her husband and navigating two cultures in her multicultural family.

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