10 Interesting Facts About the Mapuche People

During Native American Heritage Month, why don’t we include all the native peoples of the Americas? We are all familiar with the Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayas, etc. But very little is known about the indigenous peoples of South America that lived outside the Incan empire. I could start by naming los picunches, los pehuelches, los onas (Selkman), etc. However, one of the groups that stands out the most are the Mapuches, located in the center-southern part of Chile and Argentina.

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The Mapuches have a rich history of battles, wars, beliefs, traditions, and food. To give an overview, I’ve compiled 10 important facts about this ethnic group.

  1. They were located between the Valley of Aconcagua to the Island of Chiloé in southern Chile, and in Argentina, in the region of Neuquén and the Patagonia.
  2. Mapuche means “people of the land” in the mapudungún language.
  3. Their lives are filled with ceremonies. One of the ceremonies is called machitún and is presided by a machi, or mujer curandera, a woman priestess.
  4. They have a religious feast called ngiñatún or kamaruco. During this feast they thank the earth for the gifts it has given them.
  5. Their homes are called ruca.
  6. Merkén is a condiment made from a hot pepper that is dried and smoked (ají cacho de cabra), that is ground with toasted cilantro seeds and salt.
  7. We Tripantu is a celebration of the Mapuche New Year that takes places during the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year in the Southern hemisphere) which happens between the 21st and 24th of June.
  8. Trarilonco is a headpiece worn by Mapuche. It can be made from wood or silver.
  9. Trapelacucha is a chest piece design traditionally used by Mapuche women, generally created from silver.
  10. The Mapuche also have their own flag, and every color and shape has a special meaning.

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