Celebrating Diversity with Kids Twitter Chat


Diversity is so important to raising kids as global citizens.It teaches them kindness, tolerance and understanding.At home and in the classroom, diversity should be a priority.

In honor of Black History Month, we organized a Twitter party on Celebrating Diversity with Kids, using the hashtag #MKBdiversity. The party was moderated by MKB (@multiculturkids) and co-hosted by Becky from @kidworldcitizen, Diana @dianalimongi from LadydeeLG, Nadia aka @justicejonesie and Lisa from @squishablebaby

It was sponsored by @T_MarieHarris (author of “Look What Brown Can Do”), Beyond The Cookie (a social impact cookie company), Daria Music (pioneer of the World Music Genre for children and one of our members), Lee&Low Books (an independent children’s book publisher that specializes in diversity books), La Familia Cool (Dania Santana is a writer and speaker on diversity), Gina Humber (author of “It’s All Good”, a book about self-acceptance and diversity) and Monique Curry (author of “In My Eyes”).

We discussed what diversity and raising global citizens means and what benefit it brings. We exchanged inspiration, tips, advice on how to make diversity normal and how to get help raising global citizens.

Bloggers from all over the world (including the US, the Netherlands, the UK, and other countries) joined in and passionately discussed diversity!

Here are a few of the tweets we particularly loved.

Celebrating Diversity with Kids Twitter Chat

  • There is no doubt that we were excited about the party:

  • And we simply couldn’t agree more with this!

  • MKB founder Leanna from All Done Monkey had this to say:
  • Becky of Kid Global Citizen shared her list of great books for global citizens:

  • And we love this so so so much: yes to making diversity normal!

  • This is so important: raising children with an appreciation of different cultures is not just fun but also makes them kinder, more compassionate and open-minded!

  • And we simply can’t get enough of this beautiful family!

  • It’s important to remember this- and that’s why we should make diversity a priority!

  • No, cultural appropriation and global education is not the same at all!

  • “Our strength lies in who we are together and individually”- so well said, we simply had to share this!

  • Diversity really does make a difference:

We left the Twitter party inspired, hopeful and ready to make a difference!

Now we want to hear from you! Please comment on this post, or let us know your thoughts on Twitter  (don’t forget to use our hashtag, #mkbdiversity!) or Facebook!

Why is it important to celebrate diversity with our kids? 

What cultures do you blend in your family or classroom and who inspires you to celebrate diversity with kids?

How can we encourage and support our schools to celebrate diversity? 

What are your favorite resources for celebrating diversity with kids? 

What challenges have you faced in encouraging diversity?

Share your success stories about celebrating diversity! 

We’re looking forward to hearing your answers.

Make sure you’re following MKB on Twitter (@multiculturkids) and stay tuned for our upcoming Twitter parties and chats! We hope you will join in the conversation!

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