Wordless Wednesday: Children’s Toys from Around The World

Life must be lived as PLAY – Plato


Here in the Netherlands, November starts the frenzy on children’s toys and gifts as part of the Sinterklaas tradition.  Come December 5, children all over the country awaits “pakjesavond” and their much-awaited gift from Sinterklaas.

With the amount of toys and gadgets everywhere, it is interesting to find out what is the most treasured and loved toys of children from around the world.  So I asked our MKB members to share photos of their children’s favorite toys. Guess what is the most common?

varya This picture was shared by Varya from Creative World Of Varya, capturing her daughter’s fascination with sensory play.

Eolia from La Cité des Vents shared three photos of her children’s well loved treasures.

eolia 1Gabriel’s best friend is Wouffi.

eolia 3

The Groundhog puppet that her daughter loves.

eolia 2

My 4 months old daughter discovers “teddy bears”, and the one she likes to “bite”/kiss is a small fox.”

Frances from Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes shares:This is my son’s favorite toy. It’s a “cheaply” made stuffed dinosaur that he’s had since he was 3 yrs. old! We were at a restaurant and an older man was “filling” up the grabber machine (it’s full of stuffed animals) and he offered it to my child. So Cuddly, Cuddly Dinosaur was born!


A cute doll for a cute boy from Olga from Olga Mecking.


A friend blogger of mine, Chantilly from Biculturalfamilia shared her kids favorite dolls and relayed how she buys black dolls for her children because:

 “I want them to understand the value of everyone, regardless of color. I buy black dolls because I know that the media is filled with negative images and it presents a challenge for our kids to grow up feeling good about dark skin. I buy black dolls because I want to change the norm.”

chantilly 1

chantilly 2

Lastly I would like to share my kids’ all time favorites. It’s not the ipad, the Wii or any gadget. Like most kids, it’s their cuddly toy that gets their number 1 spot.

lana 4Knorrie has been in the family since she was a baby.

lana1Draak is a new companion but one that he would take along wherever he can.

And it’s not just kids who have a favorite toy,  meet slowpoke, my trusted companion 🙂

lana 2

How about in your family, what are the favorite children’s toys?

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Lana Jelenjev is a freelance educational consultant who recently got diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37. She blogs about her activities with her children at Smart Tinker (http://www.smarttinker.com/). Lana recently started writing about her musings on parenting at Goodness, Grace and Gratitude (http://www.goodnessgraceandgratitude.com/), as she navigates through a new territory of hospital visits, a whirlwind of feelings and in finding compassion as she battles breast cancer, a disease that her mom succumbed to at age 49.

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  1. What a cute post!!! My son, now 4, has also had a most favourite cuddly bunny that has offered him so much support. Now it doesn’t go everywhere with him but clearly it still is the one to have if comfort is needed.

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