Globally Inspired Christmas Cards

Fun Christmas Cards Kids Can Make Inspired by World Traditions.

Christmas cards can be a wonderful tool for teaching kids about traditions around the world! Here are some fun ideas of ways you can make globally inspired Christmas cards with your kids

Globally Inspired Christmas Cards

Find a world-friendly theme

Lights are one of my favorite themes for global Christmas cards. These simple advent cards are simple cards that kids can make for Christmas while also reflecting the light them you find in German candle carousels, Sweden’s candles, Christmas tree candles that have evolved into the much safer electric lights, and even Christmas window displays in Paris.

Make a Nativity Scene

Study nativity scenes from around the world and then use them as inspiration for your own nativity scene. This Nativities of the World book (affiliate link) is a wonderful resource!

Think Creatively

If you want to make a card that features Santa, consider one that includes a creative solution for Santa to deliver toys to children who do not live in snow-covered homes with Chimneys. How does Santa deliver toys to apartment buildings? Beach homes? You can use stickers to create the scene or draw your own.

Include Global Greetings

How many different ways can you say Merry Christmas? Multilingual greetings in fun fonts or colorful letters makes for a fun multicultural holiday card! Why Christmas? has the best collection of multilingual Christmas greetings I have found.

Do you make cards with your children? Do you have an idea for a globally conscious Christmas card that kids can make that we should add to this list?

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