Wordless Wednesday: Kids’ Drawings from Around The World

Kids' Drawings From Around The World

“When I see a white piece of paper, I feel I’ve got to draw. And drawing, for me, is the beginning of everything.”

Award winning illustrator, Chris Riddell, advocates the importance of drawing with children. He even emphasize that drawing with children should be placed alongside reading a bedtime story. However, the importance of kids’ drawings are not only related to the development of artistic skills. It goes even broader to understanding children’s thinking and their interpretation of the world. This wordless wednesday post showcases the different drawings of children around the world and the concepts and symbols made by their creative hands.
Frances from Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes  shared her 6 year old’s pastel drawing.
A card received all the way from Korea shared by Jaclyn from Tales from the Waygook Mama.
bringing up parks
Anna from Russian Step By Step for Children shares her daughter’s creation when she was 3.5 years old.
russian step by step
Eolia‘s son and his fascination with beehives are clearly seen in this photo.  She even wrote a post on “A Beehive in the City”.
bees flower and beehive
A family portrait shared by Diana from LadydeeLG.
Irina from Good To Be Mom shared her 10 year old son’s card for Nawruz (the spring equinox and New Year for Iranians and Bahá’ís).
Annabelle from The Piri-Piri Lexicon chose a self-portrait from her 5 year old.
piripiri lexicon
The 7 year old daughter of Varya from The Creative World of Varya makes use of mixed media in her drawings (using model clay and sticky paper)
And lastly, a collaborative mindmap of a trip from my then 5 and 7 year old tinkerers.
visibly engaged foto
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  1. Adorable drawings! Despite the very different beliefs and world views that exist in the world, there are clearly somethings that are universally “human”. Art is one of those things.

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