10 Simple Ways Kids Can Celebrate Earth Day

10 Simple Ways Kids Can Celebrate Earth Day | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Do you celebrate Earth Day with your kids? Often times, kids may feel that there isn’t something they can do to save the Earth. My kids have told me “I’m just a kid mommy!” So we came up with 10 tangible and age-appropriate ways kids can make little changes in their lives that will reduce waste and energy. Let us know how you’re celebrating Earth Day this April, and every day!

1. Use reusable sandwich bags and containers at lunch.

2. Power off electronics when not in use.

3. RECYCLE! Read how kids and families recycle in Germany.


4. Bike or walk to school or nearby places.


5. Help your parents to remember reusable grocery bags.

6. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them.

7. Compost your kitchen scraps.
Compost in Garden- Kid World Citizen

8. Clean up litter, so it doesn’t end in our waterways.

9. Plant a tree (or a garden!).

Gardening collage

10. Talk about protecting the Earth! These children’s books about Earth Day are great conversation starters.



Do you have any other great ideas for Earth Day? How will you and your kids learn about sustainability and protecting the Earth? Leave us a comment and tell us what we’ve missed!

You can find even more ideas on our Earth Day board on Pinterest:

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  1. What a lovely post! You are right, there is no such thing as “just a kid”. All children can make a difference with just one small thought or action, as you’ve shown here. Great ideas! I can’t wait to share. :o)

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