Our Multicultural Holidays in Pictures

As I type this post, three generations of my family are sitting by a log fire, enjoying a warm cup of coffee (we are in France after all) and reminiscing about holiday memories while the youngest members of the family are safely tucked up in bed eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Père Noël (Santa).

multicultural holidays

December is always a really busy time for families but also one of the best time of the year. Whether you celebrate HanukkahChristmas or Sinterklaas, we hope we have inspired you a little in your multicultural holidays. Our children and families have shared their experiences and traditions from all corners of the world as they prepared, crafted, gave, baked, cooked, decorated, wrapped, feasted and digested their celebrations.

If you followed us through our #mkbholidays hashtag, you may have seen some of those below. As a way of saying thank you for following us, reading us and to you all the best for the rest of the holiday celebrations, sit back, relax, pour yourself a cup of something warm (or cold if you are in the Southern hemisphere) and flick through our holiday album.

Happy everything and a merry always!

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Former linguist raising third culture kids (currently in Portugal), I am the author of "I am on the Move - Friends Books", a little keepsake autograph book for kids who move internationally.

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