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The Importance of Black Joy

An essential aspect of raising multicultural children is providing them with a broad understanding of the realities of the world they live in. In this world racial injustice persists, human rights are under attack, the effects of climate change are felt and youth depression rates are on the rise. Teaching our children about these realities, […]

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Choosing A School for Kids of Color: 5 Things To Consider

I realize that, in choosing a school for kids of color, some families don’t have much of a choice. Geography, jobs, finances, and other family circumstances can all influence where our children spend their school days. However, if you do have some choices, there are several things you might want to consider. Even with limited

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Celebrate The Bilingual Child | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Celebrate the Bilingual Child

  Language Lizard invites you to Celebrate the Bilingual! For over a decade, Language Lizard has celebrated bilingual children every October. Even though October has just turned to November, bilingual children can (and should!) be celebrated all year round. So, today let us explore the history of this monthly celebration, learn how you can celebrate,

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Welcome to #WorldKidLit Month

Language Lizard has partnered with World Kid Lit to talk about world literature for young readers. Today we’ll talk about how this collective of volunteers shares fiction and nonfiction from around the world! Where did the #WorldKidLit Month come from? Literature experts Marcia Lynx Qualey, Lawrence Schimel, and Alexandra Büchler held their inaugural World Kid

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Sharing Krishna Janmashtami with Kids

When parents and educators think about Hinduism, Holi and Diwali are the two major holidays that come to mind. But, Krishna Janmashtami {john-mahsh-tah-mee}, the celebration of Krishna’s birth, is also popular, fun, and kid-friendly. It usually falls sometime during August, and it’s a great way to explore both Hinduism and Indian culture. Here are a

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