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Delicious, Family-Friendly Summer Recipes!

Summer is perfect for family time and playing outdoors, and sometimes that makes meal planning a little tough! Today I’m sharing some of our favorite family-friendly summer recipes. Most of them are very easy, and all of them have been big hits with my kids! Family-Friendly Summer Recipes I love getting together with friends for […]

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Mexican Soup and Swiss Dessert {Multicultural Meal Plan Mondays}

Traveling to Mexico for a simple and delicious soup; Followed by a tasty cookie from Switzerland Growing up along the Mexican border in Southern California, I was fortunate to eat amazing Mexican food and even learned how to make many dishes.  One of my favorites is Posole (also spelled as Pozole) a very traditional Mexican

Mexican Soup and Swiss Dessert {Multicultural Meal Plan Mondays} Read More »

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