Global Learning for Kids

Globally inspired Christmas Cards. Fun Christmas Cards Kids Can Make Inspired by World Traditions.

Globally Inspired Christmas Cards

Christmas cards can be a wonderful tool for teaching kids about traditions around the world! Here are some fun ideas of ways you can make globally inspired Christmas cards with your kids Globally Inspired Christmas Cards Find a world-friendly theme Lights are one of my favorite themes for global Christmas cards. These simple advent cards are simple […]

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Pow-Wow Drum to Make and Play

If you’ve ever been to a pow-wow or listened to Native American music, you’ve probably heard the great big sound of a group drum, called a pow-wow drum. Here’s a craft that will allow you to recreate the type of drumming done at pow-wows and get the experience of making that type of music together

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Bilingual School Models: What to consider before jumping in!

Another school year is starting or about to start for many children around the world! The back to school period is usually met with some excitement.  Even those who wished their school breaks had lasted a few weeks longer are, at the very least, wondering who their new teachers will be or if they will

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