Author name: Olga Mecking

Olga Mecking is a writer, journalist and translator. Her articles have been published in The BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and many others. Olga is also the author of Niksen. Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing When not writing or thinking about writing, Olga can be found reading, drinking tea, and reading some more.

Why Niksen is Universal for Adults and Kids | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Why Niksen Is Universal for Kids and Adults

In recent years, words like “hygge” or “ikigai” have taken the Internet by storm. Hygge, a Danish word, refers to a feeling of coziness, spending time in a nice atmosphere with friends, while ikigai is a Japanese expression for finding one’s purpose in life. In 2019, I coincidentally added a new word to the ones …

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Our Lives in the Times of Corona #MKBStaysAtHome

We at Multicultural Kid Blogs are a group of bloggers, writers, parents, and educators who are located all over the world. We are united by our love for our children and their different cultures, languages, and traditions. Recently, we also came together to do our part to flatten the coronavirus curve. “Flattening the curve” refers …

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