Author name: Elisavet Arkolaki

Elisavet Arkolaki is the author of the unique concept children's book 'Where am I from?', the guidebook 'How to Raise Confident Multicultural Children', and the picture book 'Happiness Street', published in English, Spanish, Greek, bilingual English-Spanish and bilingual English-Greek. She's also an online marketer (MSc), a certified teacher of two foreign languages (Bachelor), and the co-founder of an international translations company. She's passionate about global learning, traveling, building cultural understanding and sensitivity, languages, books. She raises her children in-between countries, cultures, and languages. You will find her blogging on and her books on Amazon

Conservation for Kids: The Trash Hero Movement

Want to learn more about how you can get your family involved in conservation for kids? Read on to find out about the Trash Hero Movement! It’s all over the news. Billions upon billions of plastic garbage are piling up on land, floating in the water, polluting the sea, rivers, and lakes. The situation is

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