Take a Walk with Me: Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market

Chinese New Year season is here and Taiwan is all in a buzz preparing to welcome the year of the dragon. DiHuaJie, one of the oldest and most famous markets in Taipei, goes all out for two weeks before the Chinese New Year holiday begins.

Come with me on a photography journey to explore this aesthetically stimulating market!

Take a Walk with Me: Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Let’s Begin!

If you are new to outdoor markets, especially crowded ones, you may need to hold your child’s hand. Do not worry, though. This market is full of families

Crowds at DiHuaJie Market | MKB

The Sites!

You will notice the color of everything is red. Red lanterns, red envelopes, and red banners. The color red is the color of prosperity, so it is a prevalent color at Chinese celebrations.

The color red at DiHuaJie | MKB
Chinese calligraphy - Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market | MKB

The Sounds!

As you flow along with the crowd in a slow shuffle, you will notice children yelling at their parents about candy – sweet and sour – that they want to get. Or vendors offering samples of the goods they are selling. But what you’ll notice is just a low rumble of the many many conversations going on all around you.

Food stalls at the market | MKB
Savory snacks on sale during Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market | MKB

The Tastes!

As you hear the vendors, don’t be shy. Have a nougat, or a spicy peanut (if you are not allergic). Or how about dried mango, purple taro, green beans, kiwi, or watermelon? Do you like dried squid? Try the various flavors. Or maybe dried pork is more your style; try the original, thai, or spicy. My favorite? A strawberry red-bean mochi or a sesame eggroll. What is yours?

Sweet snacks at DiHuaJie Market | MKB
Snacks for sampling at the market | MKB
Production of sweet treats at DiHuaJie Market | MKB

I hope you enjoyed the sights of the Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Red dragon decorations: Chinese New Year at DiHuaJie Market | MKB

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