Halal Halloween Candy

Where to find Halal Halloween Candy

Halal Halloween Candy

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Your first questions might be: do Muslims celebrate Halloween? Is trick or treat allowed in Islam?

Islam is a diverse religion just like many others. Christianity has many sects that have different beliefs. Islam is no different. Buddhism also has many variations depending on which country the religion is derived from and what country the believers are practicing in.

Halloween as a follower of Islam

For many families, Halloween is simply about dressing up in fun costumes and collecting candy by trick-or-treating. Of course, not all North American Muslims practice Islam in the same way. Some American Muslims living in North America might adopt secular or pagan practices, but it is to be understood that Halloween is not part of Islam as it is presented in the Quran. Also, there might be some rules about Halloween that are specific to individual Muslim communities or mosques. Given all that, most Muslims agree that it is always a good idea to ask your imam about appropriate ways to celebrate holidays like Halloween. In this post, I’ll share a bit more details about what I have learned.

In this blog post you will find information on:

  • Halloween as a Muslim
  • What are some of the guidelines concerning food?
  • What candy is Halal?
  • Where can I find Halal candy?
Halal Halloween candy options
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Food Guidelines for Muslims

Within Islamic society, Muslims are prohibited from eating pork. This edict is found in four chapters of the Qur’an, i.e.: Al-Baqarah (2:173), Al-Ma’idah (5:3), Al-An’am (6:145), and Al-Nahl (16:115).

This is something understood by Muslims worldwide. It is clear that this is not limited to the flesh of the pig itself, but any byproduct or associated food product made with pork. Pork is considered Haram(forbidden) by the Islamic faith. The exception is starvation in which it is ok to nourish yourself if only pork is available.

Instead, Muslims are encouraged to eat food that is Halal (permissible). Islamic dietary laws dictate how food should be prepared to be considered Halal. You should always try to prepare healthy meals, but Halal food is different from just being a healthy meal.

These laws are outlined in these verses of the Quran: 2:173, 5:5, and 6:118–119, 121

Concerning meat, you will find guidelines that describe that animals should not be slaughtered in the name of a god other than Allah. Animals that died due to illness or injury are forbidden. The animals must be slaughtered painlessly while reciting the Bismillah and Takbir. Under Islamic laws, animals are not to be treated poorly. An animal is never to be tortured while being slaughtered otherwise the meat is considered Haram.

But what are the guidelines concerning candy?

How to tell whether candy is Halal?

halal candy
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The easiest way to choose candy is to avoid candy that uses butter and gelatin. Gelatin is a byproduct of pork which is forbidden.

Because you cannot be sure of the condition of the animal, butter may also be a safe ingredient to avoid but again, please consult your Imam. Halal Halloween candy (which can really be any candy) should be allowed.

Here are a few suggestions:

Thanks to Hella Sweet based in the UK I was able to find a nice variety of choices.

Some examples of common ingredients in these candies:

  • Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Beef Gelatine-Halal, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Humectant: Sorbitol, Acidity Regulators: Citrate, Trisodium Citrate, Fruit And Plant Concentrates (Elderberry, Blackcurrant, Aronia, Red Grape).

Where can I find Halal candy?

Hella Sweet does offer shipping to the US. If you are unable to get them this year, definitely add them to your list for other holidays or events.

Target also offers a wide assortment of candies. Take time to read the ingredients and google anything that is not known to you.

Keep in mind that different flavors of candies have different ingredients so if you are looking for Halal candy be sure to check the other flavor variations of any particular candy.

Amazon has just about everything and they deliver to your door. Look for some candies that may be ready to ship near you. Keep in mind that their independent sellers on this platform so always check the expiration date.

And of course, the primary authority should always be the Islamic community. If they have made provisions for participating in Halloween they will also have options for food/candy choices.

If you are a part of this community please share your thoughts about the candy that you eat. Also, let us know if you participate in Halloween!


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