Simple Ways to Connect as a Family this Fall

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner! Here are a few ideas for spending time together as a family during this beautiful season. We offer fun activities, both indoors and outdoors, for every age. So connect as a family this fall!

family activities for fall

As the days grow shorter, autumn is the perfect time to bring a little hygge into your home. Here are some of our favorite ways to connect as a family in the fall.

Get outside

The cooler temperatures of autumn are always welcome after summer’s heat. This is a great time to go on family walks! If you’re looking to build this tradition from scratch, try scheduling family walks right after dinner. You can also make the walks more adventurous by letting the kids lead.

Autumn Leaf Activities

Are you lucky enough to live somewhere with beautiful autumn leaves? Make the most of this incredible transformation that nature gives us every year! Choose especially beautiful leaves to press and laminate so that the leaves stay beautiful all year round.

You can also bring leaves home and use mod podge to create a mason jar lantern. If you don’t have leaves available, you can also use autumn-colored tissue paper to create a similar feeling.

Read a Book Out Loud as a Family

Short autumn days make for quiet evenings at home, and this is a wonderful time of year to connect over a book! Check out this collection of family read alouds, with recommendations for all ages.

Create a New Favorite Family Recipe

Those same short days make fall a great time to try out new recipes! Explore cultures through food, and find a new favorite family recipe. Trying new foods is a great way to connect as a family!

Family Portraits

photography holding a camera

Fall is a wonderful time to take family portraits! Schedule an appointment with a local photographer, or take a selfie. We’ve gotten some great family photos using a tripod and a timer as well! Here are some great tips on taking family photos. Are you hiring a professional? Check out these tips for a successful family photo shoot.

Stay Close to Family Even When You Live Far Apart

Sharing those family photos with family members who are far away is one way to connect, but don’t stop there! Schedule video chats, phone calls, and write some old fashioned snail mail letters.

What are your favorite ways to connect as a family in the fall?

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