Black History Month Resources For Kids

Black History Month Resources For Kids, Multicultural Kid BlogsFebruary gives homage to Black History Month in the United States. If you are looking to enhance your children’s knowledge about the vast accomplishments of African American people who paved the way for current and future generations then look no further. From inspiring books, movies, and games, to engaging subscription boxes, here are helpful Black History Month resources to get you started.

Children’s Black History Books

Besides being fundamental, reading is a wonderful way to escape to another world and learn something different. For Black History Month, there are plenty of stories that children can read to discover more about the phenomenal people, places, and things, that make Black culture so remarkable.

LeeandLow – touted as one of the largest multicultural publishers for children’s books, parents can find educational and entertaining books for children of all ages. Make sure to check out their must-have collections.

Brown Bookshelf – are you looking to start or end the day with an awesome story written and illustrated by an African American person? Check out Brown Bookshelf’s flagship “28 Days Later” program where they highlight both young adult and children authors and illustrators who have gone unnoticed.

Black History Month Resources For KidsBlack History Month Resources: Games

Who doesn’t love a good game? Especially one that you can learn from and have fun with. Here are a few suggestions that teachers, parents, and children alike are sure to enjoy.

Black History Flashcards – appropriate for all ages, this game can help kids recall notable figures who have not only influenced Black history but American history.

Blackboard – looking for a traditional board game the whole family can enjoy, then Blackboard is it. With over 420 questions, it is certain to educate and entertain the whole family.

Custom Trivia – when in doubt, get creative and come up with age-appropriate questions to ask and offer incentives or prizes to the winning team. Here is a list of questions to get you going.

Black History Month Resources: Movies

Movies are a great way to celebrate and teach kids about Black History. Here are a few websites to reference that recommend movies to watch this month. Parents will find a range of age-appropriate titles including some that can be streamed.

Black History Month Movies For Kids
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Black History Subscription Boxes

No one loves gifts more than kids. This Black History Month, surprise them with the gift of education wrapped in a cool subscription box. Several organizations have put together some innovative boxes to help get you started.

Inkidzco – founder Dr. Zabina Bhasin and I worked together to create the first America Black history box to fill a void for what is not taught in the American classroom.  Even more, all proceeds go to charity. Get a box here.  Use promo code for GUG10 for 10% off an annual subscription.

Because of them We Can – founder Eunique Jones Gibson started this campaign back in 2013 to counter the negative images of Black people in the media. To learn more about the box and sign-up so your child can start exploring more about the heroes of Black history, check out their cool website.

BrownToyBox – want to give your child a jumpstart in choosing a career or at least get them thinking about it? The DreamKeepers box is a great way to pique your child’s interest in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. Each month select a different career theme for your child to explore. They are certain to have plenty of career choices to think about. Learn more about this monthly subscription box here.

Black History Toys

 Do you prefer a more laid-back approach to learn or would you like your child to learn while playing with everyday toys? Check out some of the websites below.

Bevy & Dave – helping children learn through play while showcasing Black History in a positive light beyond slavery, founder Tiffney Laing, launched Bevy & Dave in 2016. They focus on engaging preschool to elementary-aged children. Right now, you can get 10% off your order in celebration of the New Year.

The Black Toy Store – the holidays may be over, but this is a must-shop for the upcoming holiday season in 2021. Finding African American toys can be challenging, but The Black Toy Store has everything from a collectible Rosa Parks Barbie Doll to Black Panther action figures. Make sure to check them out here.

This February take a moment and check out some of the suggested resources to help your kids have a fun-filled Black History Month full of education and learning.


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