“Tales of Heartfulness” – Heartfulness Way Series for Children is an Inspiration to Last a Lifetime

Relaxing down for a quiet evening? 

Need to keep your little one occupied in the airplane? 

Looking to spend the weekend in a quiet way?

Want to teach your children values such as courage, wisdom or heartfulness? 

Tales of Heartfulness – The Heartfulness Way Series for Children
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The book, “Tales of Heartfulness,” is a collection of eight delightful stories for children. The stories will inspire them and remain in children’s hearts, infusing values and helping them create a strong foundation of character. They impart wisdom, courage, and heartfulness in a subtle way without a preachy style.

These stories act as guiding stars throughout their life.

They are glorious tales of spiritual guides and gurus, mothers and sages, and kings and kingdoms. They are stories of you and me, of magic and wonder, of wisdom which is birthed in the heart, of courage and faith and love. Though they happened in ancient times, they are very much relevant to today’s children.

In a fairy tale way, they tell the magnificent stories which have roots in India. Yet they do not belong to India for these stories are of extraordinary courage, will, integrity, creativity, kindness, sacrifice, and love. These are are true to any human heart. This book will be long-remembered as a teacher, friend, and sweet childhood memory of time spent with parents and grandparents as they all read it together. 

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In hoary antiquity, yoga was used to create ideal families. People also used it to create communities, villages, and countries filled with peace, harmony, love, brotherhood, courage, integrity, creativity and spirituality. These stories thus mimic the same culture for the modern child of today’s times. They remain priceless treasures and harbingers of a new civilization and culture, creating a new revival in families and countries. 

What is the greatest gift one can give to their child?





Qualities for children to imbibe.
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The list could go on and on. And every one of these is very important and a precious gift one could offer their child. 

This book offers the ability for children to reach out to his/her own innermost Higher self, and dip from the deepest confines of the heart, and replenish himself with inspiration, creativity, courage, and love, joy and bounty no matter how old he becomes, no matter where he has traveled to, in the farthest corner of this earth! 

Yes, that is the feeling a child is left with after reading every story. 

You can purchase a copy from Amazon India or write to the publishers at info@shpt.in to procure your copy. 

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