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Multicultural Kid Blogs is excited to host the annual Read Around the World Summer Reading Series for the fourth consecutive year. We’ll add more great summer reads to our recommended list of multicultural books for kids. It’s a list of books from around the world and in different languages. It’s a list that continues to grow with over 120 books, and counting!

Visit all seven continents this summer, together with your kids, with the recommendations from Multicultural Kid Bloggers (and friends!).  We’re sure that you’ll find a book that your family will love!

Throughout the months of June, July and August you’ll find multicultural books for children ages 5 and under, 6-11, and 12–young adults. The full schedule is below.  Stay tuned for the live posts!

In the meantime, take a look at our recommendations from 2014, 2015, and 2016!

You can also find all of our posts on our Read Around the World Summer Reading Pinterest board.

Read Around the World Summer Series for Multicultural Books 

Date Age Group Blog Name
June 5 0-5 All Done Monkey
June 7 6-11 Miss Panda Chinese
June 9 12-young adult Brynn in Brazil
June 12 0-5 Castle View Academy
June 14 6-11 True Aim Education
June 16 12-young adult Mama Tortuga
June 19 0-5 Raising a Trilingual Child
June 21 6-11 Motherhood Today
June 23 12-young adult Crafty Moms Share
June 26 0-5 Mommy Maestra
June 28 6-11 Pack-n-Go Girls
June 30 12-young adult Frantic Mommy
July 3 0-5 Creative World of Varya
July 5 6-11 Jump into a Book
July 7 12-young adult All Done Monkey
July 10 0-5 Biracial Bookworms
July 12 6-11 Raising a Trilingual Child
July 14 12-young adult Little Nómadas
July 17 0-5 Meera Sriram
July 19 6-11 Multicultural Mama
July 24 0-5 Pediatrician with a Passport
July 26 6-11 The Barefoot Mommy
July 28 12-young adult Brynn in Brazil
July 31 0-5 Bringing Up the Parks
August 2 6-11 Globe Trottin’ Kids
August 4 12-young adult The Logonauts
August 9 6-11 Wise Owl Factory
August 11 12-young adult All Done Monkey
August 14 0-5 Bringing Up the Parks
August 16 6-11 Kid World Citizen
August 18 12-young adult Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes
August 23 6-11 Crafty Moms Share
August 25 12-young adult La Cité des Vents
August 28 Any age Creative World of Varya


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