5 French Recipes to Cook with Kids

Cooking with kids recipes from a specific country can help them understand the culture and mindset of this country. Today we will list 5 French recipes you can cook and eat with your children.

5 French Recipes to Cook with Kids | Multicultural Kid Blogs


5 French Recipes to Cook with Kids

As French cooking is VERY diverse, I would like to introduce you to different French regions and some local delicious dishes.

We will start with the QUICHE.

Annabelle from The Piri-Piri Lexicon has the typical recipe for this savoury pie made of ham or bacon and cheese.

french dishes


Then, you can cook an omelette.

It’s a dish made of eggs essentially. Some add crème fraîche or a bit of milk… But I do mine mostly like this:

For 4 people: 2 eggs/pers + 1, a bit of salt, a bit of pepper. Then I beat the eggs with a fork. When they are smoothly creamy, I can add whatever I want: ham, or some parsley, mushrooms (cooked in a pan), even tomatoes, or spinach.

 French love their salads:

They can be different type of salad leaves with a vinaigrette or a rice salad, or a pasta salad… It’s always something fresh and nice as a side dish… or even a main dish for the most gourmet ones!

One of the most famous French salad is the Salade Niçoise, as described by Phoebe in her guest-post on Bod for tea about 8 Provençal dishes you have to try. Easy to do with kids and so delicious!!!

french dishes


Boles de Picolat

Welcome to North-Catalunya with these yummy meat balls. I wrote down the recipe a while ago on my blog.

french dishes



How could I not talk about a favourite of the French kids??? Crêpes! Here in this post, you will have several recipes for your crêpes.

french dishes


Bonus: Enjoy this French Menu from Sasha Martin, on her blog Global table Adventure.


Welcome to our Olympics for Kids series! The Olympics are a wonderful opportunity to teach kids about the world and explore cultures together.
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As a French woman living in Germany with her husband and her three young children, Eolia enjoys to discover the German way of life while keeping her cultural French roots alive for her family. She blogs about her passions, her faith and what she discovers around her at La Cité des Vents.

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