23 Multicultural Shoe-Sized Gifts for the Epiphany


For some families, Día de los Reyes (or the Epiphany) is when their gift exchange takes place. Children may leave their shoes, a note with their wishlists tucked inside for the Magi. Others leave a box of grass for the Magi’s camel, in the hopes that the kings will leave them a few gifts in thanks. If this sounds like your family, then you may be on the lookout for shoe- or box-sized gifts.

We’ve put together a list of 25 small items for the Epiphany that nurture your child’s global citizenship and are just the right size for Reyes gift giving. (Find great Epiphany activities and crafts for kids here).

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23 Multicultural Shoe-Sized Gifts for the Epiphany

Kids 4 and under

1. Olliblocks – We’re loving these DIY mix ‘n match block sets! Just download your images, print, and glue. See the full tutorial on Ollibird.

2. Jacob’s Ladder Wooden Toy – Bella Luna Toys creates simple and engaging toys that nurture a child’s imagination. This Jacob’s Ladder would tuck nice and neatly into any child’s shoe!

3. PLAYMOBIL Three Wise Kings – Encourage imaginative play with this set that goes perfectly with Día de los Reyes!

4. Nesting wooden world globe with 8 multicultural dolls – This lovely wooden toy comes with 8 global figures that nest inside a beautiful Earth.

5. Multicultural Crayons – Give your kids the tools they need to accurately recreate the world around them on paper, canvas, or other mediums.

6. Tea Collection Alpaca Linda Graphic Bodysuit for girls or Alpaca Alberto Graphic Bodysuit for boys – Adorable!

7. Multicultural Board Books – All children deserve to see their own faces – and those of others – in the literature they read!

8. Children of the World Memory Game – Barefoot Books never fails to celebrate world cultures in the most beautiful way. You won’t be disappointed with this game!

9. A Child’s Celebration Of The World CD – Children celebrate the world through calypso, Cajun, an Irish ballad, and even a spunky breakbeat Latin rap.


Shoe-Sized-Gifts-3-MKBKids 5 – 12

10. Maestro Classics CDs – Incredible music cross time and place. Introduce your child to these classical masterpieces with Maestro Classics.

11. Spot It! Basic Spanish – Young language learners will enjoy this fun game!

12. Tell Me a Story Cards – Mystery in the Forest – Develop your child’s literacy skills with this lovely set of story cards.

13. MindWare Bella’s Mystery Deck – Do you have a budding super sleuth? Challenge him or her with this set of mystery cards.

14. Rainbow Flip Over Wooden Top – A classic toy known around the world.

15. Miniature Buildings from Around the World – Young engineers will love these easy to assemble 3D puzzles.

16. Global Kids Minifigures – Add diversity to your child’s playtime with these minifigures from around the world.


Shoe-Sized-Gifts-4-MKB17. Marbles! Or better yet – a game of Jacks. Teach your child this universal game with a set from Bella Luna Toys.

18. 500 Kids Around the World Adhesive Foam Shapes Multicultural Stickers – Develop your child’s appreciation for cultural diversity with this incredible assortment of foam stickers.

19. Brand New World Multi-Cultural Puppet Collection – Set of 10 – No screens here, just good old-fashion imagination.

20. eeBoo Good Citizenship Flash Cards – It’s never too early to start instilling values and good habits!

21. Nesting Endangered Species-Hand Painted Wooden Nesting Dolls – Set of 5 Dolls From 5.5″ Tall – Nurture their love of nature and the world with this lovely set of nesting boxes.

22. B. Global Glowball Musical Toy – Each continent plays different cultural music! Push them over and over for different songs each time.

23. Melissa & Doug Children Around the World Floor (48 pc) (48 pc) – Are you raising global citizens? Then make sure they know where countries are located and where people come from with this beautiful floor puzzle.

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