Grandparents and Grandchildren Across the World

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren,
I’d have had them first.

– Lois Wyse


Olga from Olga Mecking

Olga Mecking
Like grandmother, like granddaughter.


Hanna from Hanna Cheda

Hanna Cheda
Role playing McDonald’s – they have hired Great Grandma to sell hamburgers!


Brynn from Brynn In Brazil

Brynn In Brazil
Because we live on different continents, video calls with Gramma and Grandpa are a part of our weekly routine and a definite highlight for everyone!


Lana from Smart Tinker

Smart Tinker
Great Grandma love across the miles.


Varya from Creative World Of Varya

Creative World of Varya
My mother is a person who does everything herself, whether it is cooking cleaning, cutting hair or caring alone for all her five grandchildren.


Jacky from Tales from the Waygook Mama

Tales from the Waygook Mama
“Grandma, you gotta let me have this taco!” – the Chinese-Malaysian Grandma and Her Hungry Half-Korean Granddaughter.


Tina from Los Gringos Locos

Los Gringos Locos
Happiness is… being with our grandchildren in Mexico!


Phoebe from Lou Messugo

Lou Messugo
Three nationalities, one family : English grandpa, Australian grandma, French (and English/Aussie) grandkids.


Adriana from Changing Plate

Changing Plate
Celebrating Oma’s birthday in Bavaria!


MaryAnne from Mama Smiles

Mama Smiles
Keeping in touch with Grandparents via webcam.


Ilze from Let the Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin
Vacation with grandparents is always fun!


Frances from Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

Discovering the World Through My Sons Eyes
Living away from my familia is hard, but it’s not that bad when you have some amazing grandparents who live close by.


Eolia from La Cité des Vents

La Cité Des Vents
My grandmother (maternal side) meeting her first great-grand-child, my 7-month old son – she didn’t have the opportunity of meeting the others: she died three months before my daughter’s birth.

Marianna from Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue
I adore seeing my parents shower my children with love – here is my mom cuddling with my son as he wears a handmade vest, helmet and boots crocheted by her!


Alexandria from Back of the Tap Tap

Back of the Tap Tap
What better way to spend a first birthday than with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop in Washington DC?


Jennifer from American Mom in Bordeaux

American Mom in Bordeaux
Two countries – French grandparents & American grandmother with their three bicultural granddaughters enjoying Christmas together in France 2013.


… and then there’s me: Rita from Multilingual Parenting

Multiingual Parenting
My eldest daughter on her first visit to see grandpa – she will very soon make me a grandma for the first time (can’t wait)!


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Mothers and Sons Across the World
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