Mothers and Daughters Across the World

Most countries celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and the month is known as the last month of spring, giving birth to new life and blossoming in all its beauty. So what better time to share with you pictures of special moments and innermost thoughts of mothers and their daughters across the world!

Eolia from La Cite des Vents 

La Cite Des Vents
After a baptism on a Saturday afternoon, a “Princess” and me, her “Queen Mom”: when she wears a dress, she always says that she is a “Princess”…


Brynn from Brynn In Brazil 

Brynn In Brazil
Three generations and a sunny December afternoon in Atlanta.


Jacky from Bringing Up The Parks 

Bringing Up the Parks
My mother is my role model in raising multicultural kids.


Varya from Creative World Of Varya 

Creative World Of Varya
Every girl needs a hat.


Maria from Trilingual Mama 

Trilingual Mama
With my daughter on top of the Dune du Pyla in the south of France – summer 2010.


Adriana from Changing Plate 

Changing Plate
My daughter is the best part of me.


Marie-Claude from Marie’s Pastiche 

Maries Pastiche
The days may be long but the years are short, and I’m often astounded to find myself in the company of two young women, though not surprised at their loveliness.


Annabelle from The Piri Piri Lexicon 

The Piri Piri Lexicon
My caring, curious and fabulous 5-year-old and me.


Thereza from A Path Of Light

A Path of Light
The older my kids get, the more I understand my mother’s choices and the more I appreciate her.


Johana from Mama Tortuga

Mama Tortuga
Motherhood with your daughter is the shared bond of being sisters in womanhood! – Mas que ser madre e hija, somos hermanas en nuestra feminidad!


Esther from Third Culture Mama 

Third Culture Mama
To just be present is the greatest gift I could ever give my daughter.  Photo credit:


Marianna from Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue
Sharing a special moment with my daughter at the Berlin Wall.


MaDonna from Raising TCKs 

Raising TCKs (500x330)
Watching a pretend snowball fight (paper balls) while sitting in the warm winter of Taipei.


Melissa from Melibelle in Tokyo

Melibelle In Tokyo
My daughter and I (30 weeks pregnant) lounged on our bed, cocooned and relaxed in our mother-daughter time together before her baby brother was born.


Becky from Kid World Citizen

Kid World Citizen
Here I am with my daughters Viviana (10) and Maya (7) in the Yucatán, Mexico – I’ve always been close to my sister, and I love watching their relationship with each other grow as they play, dance, and be silly together.


Jennifer from American Mom In Bordeaux 

My three beautiful daughters, as a mother I’m able to hold their hands for a short while, but their hearts forever – they are my world!


Olga from Olga Mecking

Olga Mecking
Me and my eldest daughter on the beach in Kiel, Germany


Anna from Russian Step By Step

Russian Step by Step
Before and after the ballet performance – so proud of my little ballerinas!


Alexandria from Back of the TapTap

Back of the TapTap
Soaking in the last moments of our first summer together, Mama and baby Imani.


… and then there’s me: Rita from Multilingual Parenting 

Multilingual Parenting
My mother passed away when she was 47, so she never met her granddaughters, but I know she would be truly happy and proud to see her kindness and beauty live on in them.

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Rita Rosenback is the founder of the Multilingual Parenting site, author of “Bringing up a Bilingual Child” and a Family Language Coach helping multilingual families. She also gives talks and holds workshops for parents and teachers on the topic of bilingual children.

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  1. So many different stories but one common feeling: LOVE!
    The new Wordless Wednesday series are going to be very lovely! i’m eager to see what June’s Fathers and sons will bring!

    1. Thank you, Phoebe – indeed there will be a Mothers and Sons post on the last Wednesday of July! In June you will see pictures of Fathers and Sons 🙂

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