Arabic Calligraphy Inspired Art

As part of the Ramadan for Kids series, here on the Multicultural Kids Blog, I am sharing Arabic Calligraphy inspired art that can be used to make bookmarks, greeting cards or even as stand alone pieces of art by kids.

arabic calligraphy art ramadan for kids

We are half way through Ramadan already and most Muslim families will be gearing up for Eid. Most of us are busy thinking of unique greeting cards or gifts ideas to share with loved ones. My kids and I have been busy this month with daily activities working on our A-Z of Akhlaaq series. I have been using this month to teach my children manners and morals using crafts, books and activities based on letters and words. Since we plan our day to include some school work along with crafts, I have been struggling to keep my son interested on working on his Arabic handwriting too.

For today’s craft we are involving children in an activity that shows how fun Arabic is. The Arabic language is not just spoken in different dialects but the calligraphy too is so unique. There are different styles of writing that most people are filled with wonder looking at the beauty of it.

I showed my son a few examples online and then some of my own handiwork that I am currently working on. He was amazed and wanted to make the same for himself. I didn’t think he could work on something so complicated so we chose an easier way out.

ramadan for kids arabic calligraphy cross stitch cards

I let him borrow a piece of mesh that I was working with and together we made our own Calligraphy script!

calligraphy script cards ramadann for kids

He liked the Square Kufic designs that he had seen online and wanted to try something similar.

We placed the mesh on the paper and then used it as a stencil to draw Kufic designs. He wrote his name, the word ‘Ramadan’ and ‘bismillah’ (In the name of God). He is using those designs as bookmarks now. You can also cross the dots after removing the mesh to make it look like a cross stitch design like we did in the picture above.

You can use this idea to make greetings, cards, tags, bookmarks or even wall hangings. Try using a larger design on a canvas even. That is our next project!

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This post is part of our Ramadan for Kids series.  Follow along as we share crafts, activities, and other special ways to teach children about Ramadan!

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Aysh is an Indian expat who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is a former Biotechnologist who is now a stay at home mom. She blogs at JeddahMom.Com about her expat life, travels, and adventures raising little world citizens. Aysh loves languages, cultures and crafts. She tries to bring her children up with a balance between faith, tradition and modern thinking.

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