Multicultural fashion: Great graphic tees for children this holiday season


There’s nothing like watching a young child take in the letters in the world around them.

At a young age, they are captivated by the lines, the shapes and the colors of each letter.

As they get older, you can see the light shine in their eyes as they begin to understand that each letter is more than just a shape – it makes a sound, too.

Soon it hits them that, together, letters make sounds and those sounds become words.

And, then the magic happens, when they can read those words and understand what each ones means – in whichever language (or languages) they speak.

It’s amazing progression. And, the opportunities it presents are endless.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing my two sons be able to read the words around them in English and later French, and then actively choosing to wear certain tee shirts based on their message.

Yes, fashion can be another way for children (on their own or with help from their parents) to convey their individual personalities and cultures, their knowledge and appreciation of new languages and the world, and their hopes and dreams for themselves and their futures. And, multicultural fashion can be another way to simply state that they are “citizens of the world.”

Here are great multicultural graphic tee shirt ideas for children:

bilingual_brain_heart_toddler_long_t_shirt-r5f2946488c1f451a9365b2d3b3521490_f0cez_3241. Bilingual Style: Adam Beck, author of the Bilingual Monkeys blog, offers “bilingual style” tee shirts and other items to “celebrate and support the bilingual journey.” You can choose from a selection of tee shirts that proudly state that you love speaking multiple languages, you are a “bilingual ninja,” or that you’re “marvelously multilingual.” Of course, it’s hard to resist getting “I’m cute in two languages” onesie or tee shirt for your little one.

citizen_of_the_world_tee_shirt_tshirt-r655462360cc448c094ea67434d292565_8nax8_3242. Citizen of the World: This one tee shirt says it all – we’re all citizens of the world. And, I love the idea of wearing this shirt with pride to show that we’re all different, but we’re all the same, too.

3. Multinational Patriot Flag Series: As citizens of the world, many of us trace our roots and our citizenship to nations around the world. That’s why I like the Multinational Patriot Flag tees from Carbon Fibre Media that allow our children to wear their nationalities with pride – on a tee shirt, onesie or more!

fig,white,shortsleeve_one_piece,ffffff4. First Kiss: Kids who love to travel across their hometown or around the world will love these subway map-inspired tee shirts from First Kiss. Each one features a public transportation map of a featured city, state or country. You can choose from Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Rhode Island, and India, among others.

girlscando5. A Mighty Girl: These days, women of all ages seem to be “fans” of A Mighty Girl. On social media, you may have seen and read some of its female empowerment messages. The site also has a store that includes “the world’s largest collection of books, toys, movies, and music for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves!” Their store includes this tee shirt that shares exactly how girls can – and will – change the world.

il_570xN.664467436_eazc6. The World is My Playground: It’s so true that, these days, the world is our playground. And, that goes double for today’s youth who are growing up in an increasingly connected world. This shirt is just perfect for all children who are out to play in – and explore – the world.

YouAreBeautifulKids7. You Are Beautiful: No matter which language you speak, the phrase “you are beautiful” is one message I think every parent would want their children to hear and believe. With these three words on their shirts, children can remember that they are in fact “beautiful,” while also sharing the important message with all those around them.

While the “You Are Beautiful” tee shirt is currently only available in English, you can purchase a set of “You Are Beautiful” stickers available in 81 different languages.

cn85749018. Old Navy: These days, Old Navy offers a great selection of inspirational, French language and travel-inspired tee shirts for children.

Do you know a girl who is always dreaming of a trip to Paris? If so, she’ll love this graphic tee that is sure to further ignite a love of travel and France. Or, this one that confirms that if you dream it and believe it, it will happen.

Young French speakers will enjoy wearing one of four graphic tees that share a French saying, like this one that says “Bonjour, je t’aime.”

Boys can don inspirational tee shirts with confidence, too. They can choose from tees that state “I’m Good,” “Gr8,” and “Walk the Talk.”

Do your children like to wear graphic tee shirts with words or messages on them? Which ones do they like to wear the most? What multicultural clothing items are on your holiday shopping list? Please share your thoughts and favorites in the comments below.

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Aimee Thompson lives with her husband and two young sons in Chicago. She chronicles her family’s efforts to learn more about the people, places and cultures of the world on her blog, Raising World Citizens ( Join with Aimee as she uncovers new places, resources, activities and events to enjoy with her family in Chicago and around the world.

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