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mkb outdoor challengeSomething unexpected happened to me this November. Back in October the members of Multicultural Kid Blogs (MKB) began making plans to take an outdoor challenge together in the month of November. We wanted to challenge ourselves to get outdoors as much as possible—to enjoy the fresh air, to experience nature, to pause our busy lives and just be outside. We called it #mkb30for30, and committed to challenging each other to get outside for thirty minutes as many days in November as possible.

Everyone shared pictures on Instagram and tweets on Twitter, and something fascinating transpired: it was so much fun! Families from around the world were coming together, in a little corner of the internet and sharing sunshine, snow, beaches, breathtaking landscapes, quiet leaf covered paths, and more. Not only did my boys benefit from being outside more, I was also inspired by families around the world as I watched them do the same thing.  My November brightened seeing mums get out with their strollers to go for a jog in the forest or on a walk through the city landscape; it cheered me on the cold days to see other families bundling up to face the elements for a bit of fresh air; I smiled to see little ones exploring their backyard like it was a giant world to discover; it took my breath away to experience the trees, rivers, mountains, sunsets, castles, orange trees, beaches, running paths, ponds, gardens, parks, playgrounds, holiday processions, parades and moonlit nights from around the world.

If you missed the #mkb30for30 challenge, do take a look back with me.  First with a few words from some who participated, and then with a sampling of pictures from the month which really speak for themselves.

“#mkb30for30 has helped me to be a little less lazy (by systematically using the car for short trips) and instead use my own two legs to walk to and from school with [my] cute little girl, for example.  And it sure feels good!”  —Trilingual Mama

“I have loved seeing everyone’s daily life come through, as well as ‘visit’ the amazing parts of the world [they] all live in.  Also, as we went on our hike today, I felt like this exercise reminds us that although we go to great efforts to expose our kids to language and culture, it is sometimes just as important to be, to enjoy the great outdoors, without necessarily even talking to our kids (*gasp!) – silence combined with nature being especially life-giving as weary parents of young children.”  —Third Culture Mama

“If you are not taking part or even following our little #mkb30for30 challenge on Instagram (and FB and Twitter), you are missing something…great bunch of mums, I tell you.”              —The Piri Piri Lexicon

Hello everyone! We are Kicking off the #mkb30for30 from #tergensee in the #alps gorgeous weather!!

A photo posted by Adriana Kröller (@changingplate) on

Out for a walk – so far no nap! #mkbkids #mkb30for30 #kbn #momsoninstagram

A photo posted by Leanna Alldonemonkey (@alldonemonkey) on

A wonderful day out at the fair #mkb30for30 #Herbstmess #karlsruhe

A photo posted by Annabelle (@thepiripirilexicon) on

Jog. Park. Café. Day 4 of #mkb30for30

A photo posted by TCKmama (@thirdculturemama) on

Chilling by the lake #home #mkbkids #Montevideo #lifeisgood #springbreak #mkb30for30

A photo posted by Little World Citizens (@littleworldcitizens) on

Chilling by the lake #home #mkbkids #Montevideo #lifeisgood #springbreak #mkb30for30

A photo posted by Little World Citizens (@littleworldcitizens) on


A photo posted by Becky (@kidworldcitizen) on

#autumn walk by the #river #mkbkids #mkb30for30

A photo posted by Phoebe Thomas (@fibitee) on

#mkb30for30 discovering the gardens #nature #winter

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on

¡Qué perfección! #mkb30for30 #mkbkids

A photo posted by fortheloveofspanish (@fortheloveofspanish) on

We’ve had so much fun putting together this Instagram challenge! Join us this month by sharing your holiday photos using the hashtag #mkbholidays on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

IMG_0317You can find Kali on her blog For the Love of Spanish.

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Born and raised in Kansas City, Kali took Spanish in college and fell in love with it--especially after spending time studying in Costa Rica & Spain and volunteering in Peru. Once graduated, she began sharing her love of Spanish through her blog ( and by teaching Spanish to local homeschool students.
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