A Guatemalan Christmas

A Guatemalan Christmas


Lets take the imagination train to Antigua, Guatemala, on a beautiful Christmas Eve day. Now it doesn’t snow in Guatemala, so it is not a winter wonderland, a white Christmas. What a Guatemala Christmas has is tradition and so much of it: the sights, sounds, aromas and unity. Imagine walking down cobblestone roads, taking in the aromas of Manzanilla (chamomile) rings and at last you reach the main plaza where it is a magical twinkling park of joy.

You meet up with your family, friends, new friends, head to a free holiday concert, enjoy the the sounds and pick up a bunuelo (fried bread with a sweet glaze) as a treat. After the concert you go find a special gift and to your surprise when you enter one of kind shop you walk on top pine needles and the aroma is spectacular, like breathing in Christmas.


The artisan gift you bought is for the host of the gathering you are heading to, to celebrate until the strike of midnight and what a treat you are in for. Upon arrival you are greeted with warm hugs and welcomed to relax as if this was your home. The main attraction of the night is Guatemalan tamales, delicious corn dough wrapped in a banana leaf. After your meal you all chat, mingle and have a good time awaiting the strike of midnight. It comes, and it comes with a big bang! At midnight each household, each area puts on a firework show. Imagine the biggest, most spectacular firework show you have seen, and now imagine it on every single block, amazing – not the safest situation but amazing! You party until the wee hours, taking in the beauty of unity, friendship, family.

Crowds during Christmas in Antigua Guatemala

A Guatemalan Christmas morning has come and you continue to celebrate with others, spending quality time, time for a traditional family day. You unite for breakfast eating plantanos and frijoles negros before heading to church to give blessings and enjoying once again fireworks at noon and 6pm. A Guatemalan Christmas is truly one of a kind filled with comfort, love and culture – this journey is just a small glimpse of all that fills a Guatemalan Christmas.

We recommend the colorful and informative website Antigua a Daily Photo for a further look into Guatemalan traditions of Christmas and other days.

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