Holiday Recipes Around the World {Multicultural Meal Plan Mondays}

Holiday Recipes Around the World - Multicultural Kid Blogs

Today we take a break from our usual Multicultural Meal Plan Mondays to bring you delicious holiday recipes from around the world.  Enjoy!

You can find more holiday ideas on our Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa Pinterest boards.

Mail from my Kitchen - piri piri lexiconCardamon & Clementine Biscuits and Gingerbread Marshmallows from the piri-piri lexicon

Christmas in Slovakia - Honey Spice Cookies - Kid World CitizenHoney Spice Cookies from Slovakia from Kid World Citizen

Spicy Ginger Cookies - Netherlands - Kid World Citizen Spicy Ginger Cookies from the Netherlands (“Speculaas” – pictured above) and Spicy Nut Cookies (“Pepernoten”) from Kid World Citizen

German Googly Eye Christmas Cookies - Kid World CitizenGerman “Googly Eye” Cookies (“Kulleraugen”) from Kid World Citizen

You can also try these Bulgarian Christmas Cookies from Creative World of Varya

Christmas Crescent Cookies -Glittering MuffinsChristmas Crescent Cookies from Glittering Muffins

You also won’t want to miss their round up of 50+ Christmas recipes from all over the world!

Grandma's Sugar Glazed Pecans - Alldonemonkey.comSugar-Glazed Pecans from All Done Monkey

Lest you think that all holiday recipes must be for desserts, here are several to consider for your family meal:

Potato Latkes - Kid World CitizenPotato Latkes for Chanukkah from Kid World Citizen

Glittering Muffins - Swedish Christmas HamSwedish Christmas ham (“Julskinka”) from Glittering Muffins

Celebrating Noche Buena in Puerto Rico - DTWTMSEDiscovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes shares a typical celebration of Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) in Puerto Rico, with traditional dishes like arroz con gandules, guineos en escabeche, flan, and the roast pork pictured above.

What’s on the menu at your house?

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