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10 Fun Facts About the Festival of Holi

What do you know about the colourful festival of Holi? It’s a Hindu festival that people celebrate around the world to welcome spring. Revellers throw colour at each other, and neighbours get together to eat and celebrate the beginning of a new season. Here are 10 fun facts about the festival of Holi and its […]

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Growing Up Gupta - Holi

Holi Celebrations in Pictures

Holi – the festival of colors – is an opportunity to have riotous fun, enjoy delicious food and spend a fantastic vibrant day with family and friends. Enjoy these photos from our bloggers and friends of their Holi celebrations! Related Post: Holi Crafts and Activities for Kids Charu in India, from KetchupMoms   Puneeta in Canada, from Maple and Marigold

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Celebrating Diwali in Canada - MapleandMarigold.com

Celebrating Diwali In Canada

Celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, is a special time for millions of people around the world. Houses are decorated with oil lamps, candles, and strings of lights. Families feast and share gifts. This festival runs over a number of days and culminates in a night of fireworks. This used to be my favorite part of

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Holi Art Project for Kids

  Holi (pronounced “hoh-lee”) is a fun festival for young people that is celebrated widely in India to mark the first day of Spring. In India, Holi is celebrated by throwing colored powders on each other and dancing and frolicking around from dawn until dusk. Flower petals and rice may also be thrown, and water

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