Author name: Pack-n-Go Girls

Janelle Diller and Lisa Travis are the faces behind the Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures. Together they write early chapter books that inspire girls to take on the world. Readers explore haunted castles in Austria, chase space aliens in Australia, save dolphins and turtles in Brazil, catch thieves in Mexico, and discover lost treasure in Thailand.

10 Fun Facts About Australia for Kids

Australia is both a country and a continent in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s often called an island country because it’s the only country on the continent. As a country, it includes the island of Tasmania and other small islands. Although its land mass makes it the sixth largest country in the world, its population of

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10 Fun Facts About Thailand for Kids

Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia, is officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand. The name means “land of the free,” and in fact, Thailand has never been conquered by another country. Until 1939 (and again from 1946 to 1948) Thailand was called Siam. It borders the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Thailand

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