Author name: Cristina Pop

Cristina has lived in 6 different countries and she always has a hard time answering the question “Where are you from?”. She is the mother of a little girl. Her greatest adventures, parenting and nomadic life, brought her to create her blog She blogs about mindful parenting, homeschooling and life in different cultures.

Celebrating Martinmas in Germany

Martinmas, celebrated on November 11 each year, is a not-to-be-missed celebration in the Waldorf/ Steiner schools, kindergartens, and communities all around the world. It is also one closely linked to the German culture. Interestingly, Martinmas – also known as St. Martin’s Day – is not originated from Germany but France. It then spread through Europe: Germany, …

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Outdoor Learning: Forget About the Flashcards and Q&A

Outdoor learning challenges have recently become very popular on social media: “100 Days Outdoors Challenge”,  “30 Days Wild Challenge”. When I was a child, playing outdoors was not a challenge though, it was just the way we played. Sunny days, rainy days, cold days, snowy days … we just played outside. Disclosure: This post contains …

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