Author name: Alexis - Kids Spanish Book Club

I am a mother who currently has 2 young children, ages 4 and 2. I grew up in a household where we spoke only English and my first exposure to foreign language was to Spanish in seventh grade. Spanish was my worst subject in High School, but I got a bit of practice in it outside of school as my family lived in a town in Queens NY with a large Hispanic population. I didn't want to lose the little I had already learned so obtained a minor in Spanish at the City College of NY (CUNY) and from then on, tried to continue my exposure on the side whenever I could. In the meantime, I started exploring other languages by taking a semester of Mandarin Chinese, the most common language spoken in the world, and night classes in Italian, as I myself am of Italian and Irish ancestry. My hope is to expose young ones to the beauty of the Spanish language through the joy of reading. Please feel free to join me on my Facebook group Kids Spanish Book Club or my blog at!

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