Easy and Fun Ramadan Crafts and Activities for Kids

Hi there! I’m Anna, and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here on Multicultural Kids Blogs. Today, I’m here to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Let me help you sprinkle a bit of creativity into your Ramadan preparations. Below is a wide selection of kid-friendly Ramadan crafts and activities themed around this special month. These activities are perfect for sparking curiosity and conversations, making them a fantastic way to bridge cultures and create lasting memories.

Designed with both Muslim and non-Muslim families in mind, these activities are full of fun and creativity. They are also an easy way to introduce kids to the themes and symbols of the holy month of Ramadan. From crafting your very own Ramadan lantern to designing a paper plate mosque, I’m excited to share Ramadan craft ideas that are easy, engaging, and educational. Whether you’re looking to bring these activities into your home, introduce them in school settings, or simply seek a fun way to learn alongside your kids, you’re in the right place.

Join me as we get ready to welcome Ramadan through creativity and play. What better way to get kids of all ages involved in this special time?

Ramadan Paper Lantern Craft

Illuminate your home with the spirit of Ramadan using our simple paper Ramadan Lantern Craft. Perfect for kids and families, this craft comes with a free printable template available at intheplayroom.co.uk. It’s an engaging way to discuss one of the most popular symbols of Ramadan, the fanous. Creating colorful lanterns to decorate and brighten your space is a great way to get kids excited for the month.

These paper lanterns are one of our favourite easy Ramadan crafts. You can make these mini lanterns in any color you prefer and use them as Ramadan decorations.

Ramadan lantern craft
Image source: In The Playroom

Paper Plate Mosque Craft

Appreciating the architectural beauty of mosques makes us proud of our heritage, and it’s a great time to explore this during Ramadan with our Paper Plate Mosque Craft.

With a free template, this activity is easy to put together. It is designed to inspire creativity while educating kids about the significance of mosques in Islam. Though it is simple, it is a meaningful craft that allows children to explore Islamic culture and symbols through art, making it a perfect project for both school and home.

Image source: In The Playroom

Paper Cup Mosque Craft

Continue exploring the elegance of Islamic architecture with our Paper Cup Mosque Craft. This unique recycled craft encourages children to construct their own mosque models using paper cups, fostering a hands-on learning experience about Islamic traditions and the role of mosques. It’s a fantastic activity for enhancing fine motor skills and cultural appreciation.

Image source: In The Playroom

How to Draw a Ramadan Lantern

Unleash your child’s artistic side with our guided drawing page on How to Draw a Ramadan Lantern, available for printing at intheplayroom.co.uk. This activity boosts creativity and introduces children to the symbolism of lanterns in Ramadan. It’s a wonderful way to engage kids in the festivities while honing their drawing skills.

If you enjoy this activity, check out our other Ramadan-guided drawing ideas at In The Playroom. You can learn how to draw a mosque or a prayer mat, with more coming soon.

These hand-drawn pictures could be used to make a Ramadan card for friends and family or a decoration for the home. For ideas of messages to write inside your Ramadan card, take a look at some of these happy Ramadan greetings we put together over at Ummah.com

Ramadan Playdough Mats

This activity is perfect for younger children during Ramadan. Get your kids’ hands busy with our Ramadan Playdough Mats, printable at intheplayroom.co.uk.

These mats are designed to spark imagination and sensory play, featuring themes and symbols of Ramadan. They’re great for storytelling, fine motor development, and learning about the cultural aspects of this holy month in a fun, tactile way.

For our toddlers and preschoolers who are too young to try fasting, this type of activity is an easy way to make them feel involved and build excitement.

Image source: In The Playroom

Pop-Up Mosque Ramadan Card Craft

Send your Ramadan greetings with a personal touch using our Pop-Up Mosque Ramadan Card Craft. With a template available at intheplayroom.co.uk, this craft allows kids and adults alike to create beautiful, heartfelt cards featuring a pop-up mosque.

It’s a creative way to celebrate and share the joy of Ramadan with loved ones.

Recently, a friend of mine shared that she used this activity with the kids at a craft group she runs at her local mosque and that they really enjoyed it. This makes me so happy!

Image source: In The Playroom

Ramadan Journal

Keep track of prayers, fasting, and reflections with our Ramadan Journal printable at intheplayroom.co.uk. Designed to cater to both children and adults, this journal is a fantastic tool for personal growth and mindfulness during Ramadan. It includes pages for tracking daily activities, reflections, and goals, making it a meaningful companion throughout the holy month.

Books About Ramadan

Expand your understanding and appreciation of Ramadan by reading books all about this special month. We have a curated list of Ramadan books for kids available at ummah.com.

These books offer a mix of stories, insights, and teachings about Ramadan, suitable for readers of all ages. They’re an excellent resource for families looking to deepen their knowledge and celebrate the diversity of Ramadan experiences.

Quiz About How Much Do You Know About Ramadan

Test your knowledge and learn more fascinating facts about Ramadan with our Ramadan quiz available at ummah.com.

This interactive quiz is designed to educate and entertain, making it a great activity for families and schools to explore the significance, traditions, and practices of Ramadan together.

You can also use these fun Islamic riddles with the kids. My kids love this type of riddle, and it’s a great way to keep them entertained while waiting for Iftar to arrive. You can even try our interactive Arabic alphabet quiz.

Ramadan Color by Number

Another fun activity to pass the time in Ramadan is using printables like Ramadan color-by-number pages. Combine art with learning using our Ramadan Color by Number printable at intheplayroom.co.uk.

This activity is perfect for young children, helping them develop concentration and color recognition while engaging with Ramadan-themed images. It’s a peaceful and productive way to involve kids in the celebrations.

Image source: In The Playroom

Ramadan Word Search

Challenge your vocabulary and learn new words related to Ramadan with our Ramadan Word Search, available for printing at intheplayroom.co.uk. This puzzle is not only fun but educational, introducing children to key terms and concepts associated with the holy month. It’s an excellent activity for both classroom and leisure time.

We have many more Ramadan printables at In The Playroom, so pop over and look if you need more free printables, fun crafts, and Ramadan resources for your home or school.

I hope you enjoyed these fun Ramadan crafts and that these activities will help to build excitement for Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (aka the Hijri calendar), and the most anticipated month of the year for Muslim families.

Ramadan Mubarak, everyone!

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