Racial Justice: Resources for Teaching Children

Resources to teach children about racial justice

Our conversations are centering more and more on the topic of racial justice, and families and educators are trying to help their children understand current events. In many cases, this task requires soul-searching about how little we had been talking to children about race and racial justice previously. To help in this process, we have compiled a list of resources for teaching children about racial justice. The resources below, from lesson plans to children’s books, will give you the tools to talk about race and racism with children, whether at home or in the classroom.

Though I imposed headings below for ease of browsing, please keep in mind that the resources below do not always fall neatly into categories. Some of advice on how to talk to children about race could just as easily suit the classroom as well as the home, while many lesson plans contain useful activities and conversation starters for families. And of course the children’s books would be welcome additions to any home or school.

Teaching Children about Racial Justice

Of Course All Lives Matter But the Black Community’s House Is Burning Down Hence Black Lives Matter: Growing Up Gupta

Why I Don’t Believe in Being Racially Colorblind: Growing Up Gupta

Lesson Plans and Classroom Tools

Teaching Materials: Black Lives Matter at School

Social Justice Resources: The Children’s Community School

Talking About Race: National Museum of African-American History (also includes information for families)

Lesson Plans on Race and Prejudice: Tolerance.org

Racial Justice Resources: Center for Racial Justice in Education

Racial Justice and Equity Glossary Packet: MommyMaestra

Unit on Skin Color and Colorism: Pragmatic Mom

Respect Each Other Packet: MommyMaestra


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Teaching a Biracial Child to Love Their Skin: Growing Up Gupta

Why I Want My Biracial Children to Be Aware of My Blackness: Are Those Your Kids?

15 Ways to Raise Non-Racist Children: MommyMaestra

How to Instill Confidence in Your Child When They Don’t Look Like You: Are Those Your Kids?

25 Resources for Teaching Kids About Diversity: Multicultural Kid Blogs

How to Talk to Preschoolers About Race: Families Embracing Diversity

How to Talk to Kids About Race and Racism in Early Childhood: Bilingual Kidspot

How to Talk to Kids About Race Ages 3 to 8: InCulture Parent

Start a Conversation with Kids About Race: Kid World Citizen

Preventing Racial Bias in Your Children: Bicultural Mama

5 Ways to Celebrate Diversity When Everyone Around You Looks the Same: All Done Monkey

Teaching Kids to Embrace Diversity: Bicultural Mama

How to Raise Confident Multicultural Children: Ideas and practical advice from diverse professionals for even greater success raising happy mixed heritage kids

Why I Teach My Two Year Old About Race: Simply Complicated for The Washington Post

Learning Languages to Help Fight Xenophobia, Racism, and Discrimination: Jeddah Mom

When Do Kids Notice Racial Differences? Bicultural Mama

Talking About Race: National Museum of African-American History (also includes information for educators)

Podcasts on Race for Kids: Code Switch from National Public Radio

Your Kids Aren’t Too Young to Talk About Race – Resource Roundup: Pretty Good Design

Anti-Racism for Kids 101 – Starting to Talk About Race: Books for Littles (includes children’s book recommendations)

Raising a (White) Anti-Racist Kid

Children’s Books

Children’s Books To Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance: EmbraceRace

A Detailed List of Diverse and Anti-Racist Books: The Mom Trotter

37 Children’s Books to Help Talk About Racism and Discrimination: Colours of Us

Best Books About Race for Preschoolers: Families Embracing Diversity

Picture Books on Human Rights and Social Justice: Baby Devotions

Children’s Books About White Privilege: Pragmatic Mom

12 Children’s Books About Racism and Injustice: InCulture Parent

20+ Black Muslim Children’s Books: A Crafty Arab

Children’s Books with Black Main Characters: Crafty Moms Share

How Our Skin Sparkles: A Growth Mindset Children’s Book for Global Citizens About Acceptance

25 Important Books About Black History in Chinese and English: Chalk Academy

How to Use Stories to Teach Children Black History: Mama Smiles

10 Children’s Books About Juneteenth: Colours of Us

18 Multicultural Children’s Books Featuring LGBTQIA Characters: Colours of Us

Children’s Books About Black Girl Magic: Multicultural Kid Blogs


Teaching children about racial justice

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  1. Thank you for compiling this list of resources. I’m excited to dig in and explore what’s out there for teaching our children in a more direct, intentional way.
    I’m wondering if you or anyone has come across any sort of program that has been implemented by schools either here in the U.S. or internationally. My husband and I are part of a newly formed equity and diversity committee with our local school district and I always wonder if there is someplace that already has a good plan or materials to branch off of for schools to use in implementing ideas relating to race, justice, equity, and diversity. Anything that is for teachers and administration as well as anything for students ( other that the items you posted here)

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