Our Lives in the Times of Corona #MKBStaysAtHome


We at Multicultural Kid Blogs are a group of bloggers, writers, parents, and educators who are located all over the world. We are united by our love for our children and their different cultures, languages, and traditions.

Recently, we also came together to do our part to flatten the coronavirus curve. “Flattening the curve” refers to efforts to minimize the spread of infection by staying at home, so that the healthcare system can deal with the people who need the most help and not become overwhelmed too quickly.

That’s why we started #MKBStaysAtHome, a new series on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as our newsletter where we share the joys and challenges of staying home with our children during the pandemic. For some of us, regulations and school requirements are stricter than for others. Some of our children will be more challenging than others.

But many of us have the same questions…

How to survive the lockdown?

What lessons can we learn from it all?

How is the situation where we live?

What can we see when we look outside?

What do we struggle with the most?

How can we keep our minority languages alive while distance learning?

How is school right now?

And many more…

In this new series, we will try our best to answer these and other questions. We will share how things are going for us and how we are managing (or not). Knowing the creativity of this group, you will see plenty of arts, crafts, and cooking projects, often using things from our own gardens (if we have them). But you will also see messy houses, cranky children, and exhausted parents.

You will read about our good and bad moments. But we also like to focus on the positive because we are all in this together and we are all in need of some encouragement.

Come along for the (virtual) ride with us! Because we at MKB are staying at home.

You will find the new series on Facebook, Instagram, and our newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for the latter, now is the best time to do it (just go to the form at top of the page).

Please share your own stories with us on social media – use the hashtag #MKBStaysAtHome so we can find you and share the love!


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Olga Mecking

Olga Mecking is a writer, journalist and translator. Her articles have been published in The BBC, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and many others. Olga is also the author of Niksen. Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing When not writing or thinking about writing, Olga can be found reading, drinking tea, and reading some more.
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