Around China in 12 Days With Children

Tour Around China in 12 Days with Children | Multicultural Kids Blogs

Tour Around China in 12 Days

China is a beautiful county with ancient history. Besides that, it is one of the fastest developing countries that has advanced in the past 20 years with lightning speed! It is also a great place to visit when traveling with family. So let’s take a tour around China in 12 days with children and visit the cities that in my opinion would be great to see.

Check out the itinerary for this trip, too!

Hong Kong

Tour Around China in 12 Days | Multicultural Kids Blogs
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1. Hong Kong – This could be your first destination. You can visit the Museum of History in Tsim Sha Tsui, then hop on the Star Ferry and travel to Hong Kong Island and visit the Maritime Museum. Then stay around for the Victoria Harbour daily light show. The next day you can ascend Victoria Peak and make your way to the Hong Kong – Macau – Zhuhai bridge to take a bus to Zhuhai.


2. Zhuhai – Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a beautiful place that you would really want to see with your children. It has one of the world’s deepest aquariums with sea creatures as well as fun roller coasters and a daily parade. If you don’t plan to stay overnight, you can head to the train station to take a fast speed train to Guangzhou. If you do stay overnight, you can enjoy a visit to one of the local parks or to the Pearl Lady – a statue of a loyal fisherwoman at the seaside.


3. Guangzhou – A must-see is the Chimelong Safari park and its circus. You might also take a tram ride along the river near Canton Tower or a night ferry ride along the river banks. Depending on your schedule, you can cover Canton Tower and Chimelong Safari park in one day and then head by the fast speed train or by plane to Xi’an.


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4. Xi’an – This is a famous city where the tomb of the Qin Emperor and statues of his warriors were discovered. A must-see for children who are interested in history and archaeology. It will take you a full day to travel there so don’t plan to leave Xi’an just yet. The next day you can take a train or a flight to Shanghai.


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5. Shanghai – As one of the ancient cities of China, it was the cultural capital of the early 19th century. Just going into the old Shanghai quarters alone would be a trip to remember. Eday Town is a fun place to visit and experience role-playing. Or take a ride on a double-decker bus to see the city in its glory. Shanghai has many museums that are as interesting as Hong Kong ones. From Shanghai, you can fly or travel by fast speed train to Beijing.


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6. Beijing – This is the last destination in our itinerary. Visit the Mutianyu part of Great Wall, take a walk inside the Forbidden city, cross the Tiananmen square, and explore the reasoning Hutongs. There is so much to do in such little time! From Beijing you can either fly back to Hong Kong or back home.

If you travel very light with older children and don’t stay overnight everywhere, you can make this trip as in little as 8-9 days. But considering that you might want to take a rest and get a proper night sleep, 12 days is the minimum.

There are many more places that I would recommend to visit in China, but I went with the easy ones. Leave a comment with your recommendation or experience!

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