WATER: Free Multilingual Printables – In More than 15 Languages!

Free Multilingual Printables on different aspects of water

Download our free multilingual printables on the subject of water!

As a blogger community, Multicultural Kid Blogs tries to show as many facets of the world as possible. Some topics are aimed for you to have fun with your family and friends (crafts ideas for example). Others are more “serious” and talk about critical issues in history (like for Martin Luther King’s Day or Black History Month) or people and specific cultures (Native American Heritage Month; Women’s History Month…), or are centered around cultural and religious celebrations (Diwali, Easter, Day of the Dead, Hajj, Christmas, Jewish High Holidays, etc).

Of course, the bloggers in our community also like to write about subjects that we could call “scholarly”. We have worked on MKB – or on our individual blogs – on printables, lessons plan, materials for lessons and so much more. Geography, learning to write or read, mathematics, biology, music, food, art, are among what we think a child should have the possibility to learn about.

Today, we are very proud to present you these free multilingual printables, showing different aspects of the element WATER. In more than 15 languages! You may use them at home, in your class or during an activity. Depending on the age, children can guess the words (see the blank template at the end of the post), colour, group the words into the three states of water (solid, liquid, gas), etc. Have fun while learning!

Water: Multilingual Printables

In English [La Cité des Vents]:

water printable english

In Russian [Raising a Trilingual Child]:

water russian


In Ukrainian [Bilingual Kids Rock!]:

water ukrainian

In Portuguese [By Catarina]:

portuguese water MKB

In Finnish [Multilingual Parenting]:

finnish water

In Swedish [Multilingual Parenting]:

swedish water

In Dutch [Finding Dutchland]:

dutch water
On this sheet, you have the Dutch (in pink) and the English words. Quite similiar, isn’t it?

dutch only for printable water


In Italian [Ute’s Expat Lounge]

italian water

In Croatian [Chasing the Donkey]:

croatian water

In Spanish [Hispanic Mama]:

spanish water

In Latvian [Let the journey begin]:

latvian water printable


In Polish [Milk, Crafts, and Honesty]:

water polish

In German [La Cité des Vents]:

WATER German

In French [La Cité des Vents]:

EAU français


In Urdu [Words’n Needles]:

urdu water


In Hindi [Words’n Needles]:

hindi water

In Arabic [Words’n Needles]:

arabic water

In Chinese [Miss Panda Chinese]:

chinese water


In Indonesian [Living Ideas]:

indonesian water sheet



And here the template without the words, so that your students / children can write them down by themselves.

WATER template

Please, respect the work of the blogger who did the translation by keeping the watermark on the sheet, as much as the work of the artist/blogger who made the drawings by not altering it – Floriane SD, author writing for many blogs, but you can find her here.

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As a French woman living in Germany with her husband and her three young children, Eolia enjoys to discover the German way of life while keeping her cultural French roots alive for her family. She blogs about her passions, her faith and what she discovers around her at La Cité des Vents.
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