Call for Bloggers: Pack-n-Go Girls

Call for Bloggers: Pack-n-Go Girls | Multicultural Kid Blogs

As part of our Multicultural Kids Product Promotion Services, we are excited to announce the opportunity to review Pack-n-Go Girls, a series of books that aims to inspire little girls to go global, and change the world one reader at a time.  Now on Kickstarter to fund their latest adventure – to Brazil!

Dreaming of true-blue friends, mysterious adventures, and faraway places? Pack-n-Go Girls take you there!

Winner of the 2014 Gold Medal, Best Children’s Chapter Book Series, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Pack-n-Go Girls

Pack-n-Go Girls Review: How to Participate

If you are a blogger, sign up using the form below. You will receive either a paperback book (US only) or e-book to review (mobi or epub).  To participate in the promotion do the following:

  1. At least twice during the period June 8 – 19, promote Pack-n-Go Girls with one of the easy sharing options found on the Pack-n-Go Girls support page.
  2. Write a blog review of the book you receive, including a link to their Kickstarter campaign (if before June 25).
  3. Promote your review through at least two social media platforms
  4. Write a review on Amazon
  5. Email your links to multiculturalkidblogs(at)gmail(dot)com

DEADLINE to complete your promotion: July 7, 2015. This is the final deadline, but we ask that as many bloggers as possible complete their promotion by June 25, when the Kickstarter campaign ends.

About Pack-n-Go Girls

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, Pack-n-Go Girls® specializes in creating innovative stories and toys for girls that deliver positive messages around independence, adventure, and global awareness. Lisa Travis founded the company after a miserable cross-country trip with small children and few entertaining travel books and toys to be found. Janelle Diller joined her in this mission, and together they are working to give the best gift they can give a child: curiosity about the world beyond herself.

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