Celebrating Multicultural Children’s Books: The Magic Poof – A New Friend {Picture Book of the Day}

Celebrating Multicultural Children's Book: The Magic Poof - A New Friend {Picture Book of the Day} | Multicultural Kid Blogs

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We first met “The Poof” a year and a half ago when a friend connected us to Stephen Hodges, the author of the multicultural children’s books The Magic Poof and The Magic Poof: A New Friend. My boys immediately fell in love with the first poof book, since at the time they had their own “poofs!” (You can check out their poofs and our review of the first poof-y book over at my blog, The Good Long Road.)

Though their poofs are now long gone (thanks to a really bad case of head lice), their love for the poof has not changed. They often request that I read The Magic Poof and were very excited when I brought home The Magic Poof: A New Friend, which the author shared with me as part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day of which The Magic Poof was a sponsor.

In this book, Ange-Marie, our lead character who has her very own Magic Poof, makes a new friend, Ling, who has some interesting hair of her own. Ling embraces everything that makes her unique, and my boys loved this new character. However, I think their favorite part of the book was watching the Poof dance. In fact, after we read the book, the boys had to have their very own dance party! (I tried to get a photo of them dancing, but they were moving too fast; however I did grab some great shots of the two of them enjoying the book together.)


I expect The Magic Poof: A New Friend to also be in heavy rotation as a favorite bedtime book, and the boys are really hoping they’ll be watching an animated Magic Poof show in the future. We just supported Stephen Hodges’s Kickstarter campaign for his pilot episode of The Magic Poof. We love reading books and watching media that celebrates the multicultural world that we live in. I’d love to know what some of your favorite multicultural children’s books are, so please share in the comments so that I can check them out too.



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