Gifts for Spanish Learners

Suggested gifts for Spanish learners.

Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to give kids some Spanish fun! There are many quality gifts to engage children with language and culture. Here are a few favorite gifts for Spanish learners. This post has affiliate links to Amazon. If you click through and make a purchase we earn a small commission.

spanish gifts for kids
Bebés del mundo, by the Global Fund for Children (1 – 3 years). Dual language English and Spanish

gifts for kids in spanish
Maria Had a Little Llama / María Tenía una Llamita Pequeña by Angela Dominguez ( 3-7 years). Dual language English and Spanish

spanish books for kids
Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales (4-8 years). This wonderful culturally-rich book has Spanish words woven into the English text. A Pura Belpré Award winner.

spanish books for children
Señorita Bienvenida en el aeropuerto by Marianne Arellano Pazos (4 – 8 years). Spanish

spanish for kids
Miguel ayuda en la oficina de la pediatra by Marianne Arellano Pazos (4 – 8 years). Spanish

spanish music for kids
Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish by Marta Gomez. Winner of 2014 Latin Grammy for Best Children’s Album

spanish songs for kids
Jump Into Spanish from Spanish Together
spanish songs for children
We Love Spanish from Spanish Together
Written by a musician/Spanish teacher from Colombia, any of Spanish Together’s music is perfect for preschoolers and the early elementary grades.

spanish music for teens
Hoy Somos Más ~ Various Artists Audio CD

spanish songs for teens
Cantar Es Lo Que Soy ~ Violetta Audio CD
Music from the hit series Violetta from Disney Latinoamérica. This music is very popular with tweens and teens. There are other CDs available.

spanish video for kids

spanish video for children
Spanish for Kids: Las estaciones by Whistlefritz This video is designed for children learning the language. The other Whistlefritz videos are wonderful gifts for Spanish learners too.

spanish movies for kids
La misma luna (PG 13)

spanish games for kids
Spot It: Basic Spanish

spanish apps for kids
Spanish Playground apps – Spanish (beginners)

spanish games
Kitu Kids apps – English and Spanish (intermediate or advanced)

spanish magazine for kids
Chop Chop – This is a wonderful cooking magazine for children that is published 4 times a year. It is available in English and Spanish. There is an option to choose the language when you subscribe. It is one of my favorite gifts for Spanish learners!

ladybug in Spanish
Ladybug en español (3-6 years for native speakers. Appropriate for older Spanish learners.)

spanish magazine for children
Iguana (7-12 years for native speakers. Appropriate for older Spanish learners.)

spanish for preschoolers
High Five Bilingue (2-6 years for native speakers. Appropriate for older Spanish learners.)

Many families choose to include a donation in their holiday giving to their children. Languages are about connection and culture, so a donation is an especially appropriate gift for Spanish learners. Clearly there are many organizations doing important work that you can choose from, but here one suggestion.

donation as gift
Global Giving – Rayo de sol

I suggest this organization because I have been to Nicaragua and seen the important work Rayo de sol is doing in Matagalpa. This specific fundraising campaign is to help children stay in school, making it an excellent gift option for Spanish learners. Access to education is something children can appreciate and feel good about sharing.

¡Felices Fiestas a todos!


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Jennifer raised her three children speaking English and Spanish, and she has been teaching Spanish to other young world citizens for over twenty years. On her blog Spanish Playground, she shares resources for parents and teachers of Spanish language learners.

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  2. To add to this list I’d like to add the eSpectacularKids gift cards. We offer magic, storytelling and theatre videos for kids (2-12 years old) in Spanish, so kids can get used to watching content in Spanish with lots of visual cues to help them pick up new vocab!
    Thanks for sharing this list, I also recommend the Spanish playground apps, great for repetition and pronunciation for young kids 🙂

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