World’s Wordless Wednesday: Multicultural Kids Love Sports!

In honor of soccer fever that has taken over so many households this month, a few of our Multicultural Kid Bloggers are showing how their families honor culture through physical activity with another edition of MKB’s Wordless Wednesday.

DSC01855Frances of Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes says that, “playing sports will teach our son vital life skills, such as: discipline, motivation, commitment and cooperation. He’s a very active little boy, and sports helps him channel all of that energy.”

IMG_2424Olga of the Olga Mecking shares a photo of her little one practicing yoga. What a sweet photo!

FootballersAmanda of Expat Life with a Double Buggy take a multicultural vantage point as she shares her “trio of future hopefuls for the Dutch football team, or England, whichever takes their fancy.”

imageAnnabelle of the piri-piri lexicon says she is “proud of my little introvert for riding without her parents!” We are too!

IMG_2005Our beautiful Becky, of Kid World Citizen, says, “When we moved to Texas, with pretty great weather year round, the kids began to do swim team. They play soccer and also ride their bikes to school every day- so when someone asked if they wanted to try a triathlon, we said yes! The family picture of the triathlon was this past April, when all 4 kids participated together. According to my kids, the best part of triathlons is that you get to do 3 sports altogether in one race: swimming, biking, and running. They love the party atmosphere, and the fact that most of their friends race with them! My daughter says ‘when you finish, your whole body feels good that you did it, and you made it.’ That endorphin booster- that ‘runner’s high’- is what keeps them coming back for more:)”

20140618_174943Maria of Trilingual Mama shares her little ones, “taking a break from rollerblading in a countryside suburb of Paris, France.”

P1020412We love this picture from Eolia of La Cite des Vents, which shows herlittle girl who is “riding for the first time a bicycle… or not so much. Well, learning to love sports!”. Everyone starts somewhere, right?!

CollageLeanna at All Done Monkey shares parenting tips, saying that “outdoor play is a great way for my boys to enjoy playing together despite their age difference.”

soccer-player-dsm-2Vanessa at De Su Mama is happy to be raising her multiracial children with a love of soccer – a sport that has impacted her life greatly.

As you can see, multicultural kids love all kinds of physical activity! Taking the time to honor culture through sports is just another way these Multicultural Kid Bloggers raise their children to be global citizens.

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  1. Great pictures and great article! I particularly enjoyed the photo of Olga´s little one doing yoga. I am trying to get my girl (6 y.o.) as well into it as we speak. It is unbelievable how she applies herself, given she is normally an earthquake and she normally prefers much more energetic acitvities and sports! Thanks for the post Vaness and very warm greetings from Madrid 🙂

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