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By all accounts, it was a routine delivery. My labor progressed quickly (actually, more quickly than the midwives expected!), and my baby was delivered without complications.


There was that tear I had, the one that made the midwife call the doctor on duty, just to be sure. The one that caused enough blood loss that I felt woozy when I tried to stand later that morning.

This was all background noise to me, however. No one was concerned, least of all me, as I lay there with my sweet newborn in my arms. I got my stitches, was watched for infection. And went on with my life.

And went on with my life.

But what if this “routine” birth had happened at a different time or place?  An incompetent doctor or lack of clean instruments could have made the ending entirely different.  In many instances, I would not have survived.  And without me there to nurse and care for him, my baby’s chances would not have been much better.

In some developing countries, lack of access to education, decent health care, and sanitary conditions make childbirth a difficult, often fatal rite of passage for far too many mothers and babies.

That is why this week Multicultural Kid Blogs is proud to support, an organization started by a mom in Connecticut to make birth safer in Laos.

For $5 provides a mother with all the hygienic birthing supplies she needs to make birth safe. They also train nurses and Village Volunteers to teach mothers about safe birthing practices.

Support Clean Birth in Laos and Save LivesIn San Francisco, $5 buys a cup of coffee.  In Laos, it can save 2 lives.

Please help spread the word and consider contributing to this great cause.  Together, we can make a difference!

Click here to contribute to CleanBirth today! 

$5 Saves 2 Lives

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