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Hispanic Heritage Blog Hop - MulticulturalKidBlogs.comWelcome to the Second Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop, hosted this year by Multicultural Kid Blogs and 15 of our member blogs!

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 every year, “celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America” (from

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Enter to Win

This year to celebrate we are giving away fabulous prizes!  You can enter two ways:

1) Link up a post in the linky at the bottom of this post (each post will count as an entry)

2) Make a comment on the main Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop post on the Multicultural Kid Blogs page answering the question, “How do you celebrate your heritage with your children?”

Our Prizes

Please note that there are shipping restrictions on some prizes.  In the event that the winner lives outside of the shipping area, that portion of the prize will be added to the following prize package.

Grand Prize Package

Cricket Magazine - Spanish - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopAnnual subscription (print and digital) to one of the following children’s magazines (winner’s choice!): Babybug, Ladybug, or Ask en espanol (available at the end of September) or Iguana ($51.90 value).  International winners will receive a digital subscription.

Hispanic Heritage Blog HopTwo Spanish activity books with games and exercises to review basic concepts, a card game that teaches wild animals in Spanish and English, two ceramic Day of the Dead skulls, and several small wooden toys.

Daria - Cancioncitas Booklet Cover - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopA Child’s Life In The Andes is a 35 page e-book that brings the culture of this historic region alive through rich photographs, kid-friendly information as well as 3 children’s activities, 8 coloring pages, 2 language pages and a word search that features new vocabulary.

DARIA_Cancioncitas CD Cover - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopCancioncitas De Los Andes/Little Songs Of The Andes from Daria is a digital CD sharing authentic music from the Andes performed on traditional instruments.  The CD includes the most famous song from that region; El Condor Pasa, along with 5 other songs from this historic area of the world.

Sofia Spanish - Kids Yoga Stories - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopSofía en una Aventura por la Selva from Kids Yoga Stories: Fly like a toucan, slither like a snake, and flutter like a butterfly as you act out this journey through a Costa Rican jungle.  What else might you see?  The storybook includes a List of Kids Yoga Poses and a Parent-Teacher Guide.

First Prize Package

Annual subscription (print and digital) to a children’s magazine from Cricket.  See details above.

Smart Play - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopSmart Play Pad (SRP $ 24.99): Interactive tablet like electronic toy makes early learning fun and exciting for little ones. More than 30 touch sensitive keys teach language and pronunciation skills to help prepare children for school. Bilingual feature helps kids learn in English & Spanish. Lightweight and truly portable for on-the-go learning. Ships to US and Canada only.

Off We Go - Barefoot Books - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopTravel through Mexico with this beautiful picture book from Barefoot Books. Along the way, learn Spanish words and phrases and discover Mexican culture. Ships to the US, Canada, or Europe only.

Tico Tango - Barefoot Books - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopDiscover the animals of the rainforest with The Parrot Tico Tango from Barefoot Books. The rhyming text and brilliant illustrations teach animals and colors.  Ships to the US, Canada, or Europe only.

Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopA Spanish-English picture dictionary, a simple workbook in Spanish geared towards 1st graders in Mexico, the classic “lotería” game, plus a couple of small wooden toys, courtesy of Kid World Citizen.

Second Prize Package

Annual subscription (print and digital) to a children’s magazine from Cricket.  See details above.

Mas Canciones en Espanol - Music with Sara - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog HopMás Canciones en Español from Music with Sara: A wonderful collection of traditional songs from Latin America. Perfect for children learning Spanish.

Belpre Reading Kit - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop - Multiculturalkidblogs.comReading kit for three children’s biographies highlighting Hispanic figures, courtesy of Latinos 4 Latino Literature. Includes a copy of The Storyteller’s Candle by Lucía González, a 16-page HHM Reading Kit full of book-based activities to promote literacy, with a folder, a pencil and set of colored pencils. Retail value: $15.95 Ships to the US only.

Unidad-Lupita - LA Libreria - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop and Giveaway on Multicultural Kid BlogsUnidad Lupita, by Jaime Alfonso Sandoval, Illustration by Natalia Gurovich, from LA librería. Ships to the US only.

Que Animales! from La libreria - Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop and Giveaway on Multicultural Kid Blogs¡Qué animales! by Eduardo Bustos, Illustrations Lucho Rodriguez, from LA librería. Ships to the US only.

 Participating Blogs

Multicultural Kid Blogs

All Done Monkey

Spanish Playground

Kid World Citizen

Mommy Maestra

World Music with Daria

Kids Yoga Stories

Inspired by Familia


Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes

For the Love of Spanish

De Su Mama

The Paris Busy Bee Blog

Spanglish House

Crafty Moms Share

Toddling in the Fast Lane

The Good Long Road

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Owner/Blogger at All Done Monkey
Leanna is a stay at home mother to three sweet, funny, rambunctious children. She draws inspiration from the Writings of the Bahá'í Faith and tries to raise her children in a fun, spiritual, loving environment. She and her husband, who is from Costa Rica, are raising their children to be bilingual and bicultural but more importantly to be "world citizens." Leanna blogs at All Done Monkey and is the founder of Multicultural Kid Blogs.

31 thoughts on “MKB Hispanic Heritage Month Blog Hop and Giveaway!”

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  3. This is awesome! Thanks so much for your efforts!
    We went to a mariachi celebration last night to celebrate el grito mexicano and plan to do a lot of reading this month.

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  8. My little one is only 19 months old so we’ll be dancing and singing to lots of Peruvian music, reading books, and will make a Day of the Dead altar.

  9. We celebrate through a lot of cooking and food! Also looking forward to making Day of the Dead crafts in October.

  10. Lovely prizes for sure! We celebrate their Latin heritage with food, music, books and fun events when we can.

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  12. My husband and I are from two different regions in the U.S., live in a third, and our daughter is of a different race and heritage than either of us. We try to read books, study different cultures and countries (we homeschool), eat a variety of foods, choose books with main characters from various heritages, practice Spanish, which is commonly spoken where we live, and embrace experiences representing the variety of cultures in the various regions where we have family. We even talk about the country where our dog’s breed originated.

  13. I am part Czech. We celebrate by eating food made from family recipes at family gatherings, especially saurkraut and kolaches.

  14. We celebrate by cooking authentic dishes that have been passed down through the generations and listen to lots of music!

  15. Lisa Valdivia Morris

    I celebrate Hispanic Heritage month all year long! I am blessed to teach kindergarten in a dual language Spanish classroom. I have been sharing the love of language, culture and Hispanic heritage through stories, food and hands-on experiences through crafts for twelve years! I feel blessed to have such a great job! My students and their families never forget their first adventure in education when they begin their journey in becoming bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural. I take great pride in being Latina and having the opportunity to share my culture with others. Especially my students.

  16. We celebrate our Hispanic Culture all year long. We are very lucky to be part of a Spanish Literacy and Culture project called “En Nuestra Lengua”, where bilingual kids k-4 learn more about our hispanic culture, read in Spanish, learn math and science in Spanish. We are supported in great part by our community, parents and sponsors who are committed to our latino heritage and pass it to the kids.

  17. We celebrate our children’s heritage (Hispanic descent) through food, crafts, and books. We try to make them aware of other cultures by going about it the same way. I feel it’s so important to know others cultures and history especially living in a small community. Thank you for the entry; amazing prizes!

  18. We celebrate our Hispanic Heritage through music, family and fun. This year our kids are finally old enough to help with our Dia de los Muertos alter.

  19. Germaine Neumann-Chau

    In our house we are making carne asada tacos and guacamoli and celebrating Dias de la Muertos with Vietnamese style. We are a very mixed house hold.

  20. This year I was able to celebrate Hispanic Heritage with my 2 year old by watching her favorite Disney Jr. shows in spanish. I discovered the lang button on the remote control! We are also working on expanding G’s spanish library. We recently purchased Frida by Jonah Winter. I have my heart set on getting La Cenicienta by Gabriela Mistral next. When I previewed the book on you tube, I fell in love. I am also interested in the Chimoc Novels by los hermanos Paz. I love that the books come with such fun songs. Unfortunately they are not available in the U.S. 🙁 I am going to have to ask for a special encargo from some peruvian friends. I also have dressed “G” in her Peruvian dresses we picked up on our last visit a lot more. They are so gorgeous and colorful and she always gets compliments! Oh, I almost forgot…. We also found Yola Polastry on itunes and added some of her songs to G’s playlist. Her favorite one by far is the telefonito song.

  21. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage month by reading about Latino cultures, watching films (we went and saw “Instructions not Included,” last week) and by picking an art project from Costa Rica, where my daughter’s paternal family lives. We did this one: and learned about this giveaway there. We also bought our tickets to Costa Rica for a visit!

  22. Thank you for offering a giveaway! My family has been learning of our heritage beginning with the PBS documentary Latino Americans shown in September. We’ve taken a few events and talk about how it effected their great-grandmother, grandmother & myself.
    We also particpted in a Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull workshop; lots of fun!

  23. I celebrate with my students (k-3 FLES program) doing multicultural lessons about different spanish speaking countries.

  24. I am so excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with my students during my first year of teaching. I plan to have them choose activities that interest them and reflect on connections between history, culture, and language. ¡Gracias!

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