Explore Habitats with Easy Craft Activities

Take your habitat study to the next level with these fun and simple crafts! These hands-on activities allow children to explore habitats from around the world and the fascinating plants and animals that call them home.

Explore Habitats with Easy Craft Activities | Multicultural Kid Blogs

These crafts are extension activities accompanying Language Lizard’s new bilingual Habitat Series. Each book in the series explores one of our planet’s most diverse biomes: coral reefs, deserts, and tropical rainforests.

Explore Habitats: Paper Crafts for Children

Coral Reefs

Fun Fact: Coral reefs are an underwater habitat made of thousands of tiny corals and home to many fish and plants.

Click here to make your very own fish!

Paper fish paper craft | Explore Habitats with Easy Craft Activities | MKB
Paper fish craft, instructions | MKB


Fun fact: Giant saguaro cactus plants in hot deserts can grow to 15 meters tall and live for almost 200 years!

Click here to make your own cacti pots!

Desert paper craft | Explore Habitats with Easy Craft Activities | MKB
Desert paper craft instructions | MKB

Tropical Rainforests

Fun fact: Blue morpho butterflies have large bright blue wings that span from 13 to 20 centimeters across.

Click here to make a beautiful butterfly!

Tropical rainforest paper craft | Explore Habitats with Easy Craft Activities | MKB
Rainforest craft instructions | MKB

Happy crafting!

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