Christmas Around the World Activity Pack

Looking for fun educational activities to do with your students this season? Check out our printable Christmas Around the World Activity Pack! It introduces students to Christmas celebrations and traditions in six countries from around the globe. It is a great way to teach kids about other cultures as they get ready for the holidays. Download your copy today!

Celebrate Christmas Around the World Printable Pack from Multicultural Kid Blogs

Christmas Around the World Activity Pack

Celebrate Christmas Around the World with Multicultural Kid Blogs! Get your students excited about the holiday season and learning about other cultures with this fun and educational activity packet on the Christmas traditions and celebrations of six countries:

Brazil, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Sweden

Celebrate Christmas Around the World! | Multicultural Kid Blogs Printable Pack

For each country, you will find:

♦ A cover page, featuring the country’s flag & a Christmas greeting in the language of the country.

♦ A page of country facts, including the country’s official and common name, its location circled on a world map, capital city, location, population, official language(s), and an interesting fact.

♦ 2 pages on Christmas celebrations that share the important and traditional celebrations of the country, and include cute graphics for students to color.

♦ a Christmas activity: These activities range from a word search to a DIY board game!

♦ a special traditional holiday recipe to make and taste

After completing the packet, students will have the opportunity to show what they have learned by answering 12 comprehension questions, 2 for each country.

We hope you and your students enjoy this peek into Christmas celebrations around the world! On behalf of all of us at Multicultural Kid Blogs, we wish you a wonderful and multicultural Christmas season!

This packet was created for Multicultural Kid Blogs, by member bloggers:

Little Bilingues
Mommy Maestra
Open Wide the World

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