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Maya and Leela Present: Dances of IndiaWe are so pleased to announce the launch of a world book tour for Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India by Kyra Khanna, Malini Sekhar, and Alyssa M. Torres, part of our Multicultural Kids Product Promotion Services!

Join the World Book Tour

If you are a blogger, join our world book tour to promote the incredible board book Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India. Sign up below to participate. Once you receive your copy of the book, write a review on your blog and Amazon and promote through at least one social media platform. Once you have completed your promotion, email your links to multiculturalkidblogs(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hard copies will be mailed to reviewers in the US.  An e-book will be emailed international reviewers.

DEADLINE to complete your promotion: December 3, 2014.

MayaProfileAbout the Book

Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India follows sisters – Maya and Leela – in their delightful exploration of the rich and diverse dance traditions of India. Guess which dances they will explore! This board book integrates playful, engaging, and interactive elements, providing readers with clues throughout that direct them to descriptions and pronunciations of each of the dances on the back cover. Great effort has been put into synthesizing what are considered to be highly involved dance forms into something simple that will generate interest in both children and adults. Keeping with the spirit of authenticity, the authors have also done their best to ensure the illustrations accurately capture the unique artistic components that make up each of the dances – from the hand positioning to the characters’ expressions. Discovering has never been so empowering!

Maya and Leela - Free Your Dance!Take learning outside the book by visiting the Little Loka website to learn even more about the dances of India and to Free Your Dance!

What Others Are Saying:

Dances of India takes kids on a journey throughout the musical subcontinent, as they discover four very distinct forms of dance.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to make this vibrant art form come to life from the flat page, but that’s exactly what happens.  [My son] always bounces in his seat as we read this one!  What really stands out about Dances of India are its lively illustrations and a rhythmic text that fairly dances off the page.  It is so fun to read!  – Leanna of All Done Monkey (read the full review)

Amazon reviews:

-You have cleverly brought dance and music alive using vibrant colors and movement via this wonderful book. My children love all the characters and imitate the movements by drumming, dancing, jumping and spinning. They learn concepts while having fun and request to hear the story more than once. Great job and beautifully illustrated. 

-A wonderful way to bring the cultural richness of India and of dance to children. A perfect “board book” to offer to young friends who will enjoy seeing the playful illustrations and hearing the rhythmic story over and over again!

-As a grandmother of bicultural children and avid reader I am well aware of the vacuum of multicultural books for the preschool level. Maya and Leela is charming, fun and beautifully illustrated.

-I purchased this recently and am so glad to have found such a beautifully done children’s book! It’s great quality for the little ones (so they won’t tear it apart easily) and offers a wonderful opportunity to expose young kids to the multi-cultural world we live in. Highly recommend!!

About 2Lokas

The Little Loka Series2Lokas – the venture behind the Little Loka Series (™) – is a newly launched children’s book venture aimed at providing children between the ages of 0 and 4 with an engaging and exciting multicultural learning experience through print and digital books – all authored and illustrated by the 2Lokas team! Although there’s a plethora of wonderful books out there focused on cultural topics for older children, there appears to be a notable gap for the 0-4 age group. From there, the idea of 2Lokas and eventually The Little Loka™ Series was born!

They believe strongly in the power and beauty of an open heart and mind at all ages.  Their aim is to facilitate and encourage the exploration and learning process as much as possible.

And, finally, because they’re incredibly passionate about social change and making a difference in these beautiful yet complex worlds of ours, they aim to provide a pre-determined portion of the proceeds to young social entrepreneurs who are pursuing their own innovative projects and dreams, both in the United States and around the world.


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