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10 Fun Facts About Cuba | Multicultural Kid Blogs

10 Fun Facts About Cuba

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning ten fun facts about Cuba. Find even more on our Fun Facts About Central America and the Caribbean page! Part of our Fun Facts for Kids series. 1. Cuba’s Indigenous People Tracing back to 4,000 BC, the hunter-gatherers Ciboney and Guanatabey were Cuba’s first indigenous people. Around 1,050 AD, …

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Summer Movies, Summer Learning | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Summer Movies, Summer Learning 

Chevalier and Other Films For Your Summer Watchlist For our family, summer is about movies! Blockbusters, stand-by favorites, the latest Spider-Verse movie, Marvel, all the biggies. But, over the years , I’ve learned that summer movies can also be about summer learning. I love finding films that are entertaining, enjoyable and that pull something into …

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Summer Solstice

10 Fun Facts for Kids About Summer Solstice

The summer solstice happens in the northern hemisphere around June 20-22 and in the southern hemisphere around December 20-22. It’s roughly defined as the longest day/shortest night of the year, which also means the sun is at its greatest potency. The days will now become progressively shorter until the winter solstice. If you want your …

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GIVEAWAY: Friends Book – A Moving Book for Kids

Multicultural Kid Blogs is pleased to offer its readers a chance to win Friends Book by Annabelle Humanes. Read on to learn more about the author and how to enter the giveaway! Friends Book by Annabelle Humanes is both a tool and a memento for kids moving to a new place. It is something that …

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