Author name: Audrey Kratovil

My name is Audrey, or as my madrileño husband, D., has always called me, "españolita" because of my love for all things Spain. I grew up in the Washington, DC area in a monolingual English-speaking home. I started studying Spanish at the age of 12, and from day one I fell in love with it. I eventually earned a B.A. in Spanish from Georgetown University, during which time I spent a year studying in Madrid, where I met my husband. I later earned an M.A. in Linguistics, with a focus on second language acquisition, also from Georgetown. I’m a Nationally Board Certified English teacher and spent nearly eight years teaching English as a Second Language and later English literature at a large urban high school in Virginia. I left my job in June 2014 to stay at home with my now one-and-a-half old daughter, E., with whom I speak exclusively in Spanish. My blog chronicles my adventures in bilingual parenting. I invite you to join my family in language learning, language teaching, language growing, and language loving, all…¡sobre la marcha!

Another Look at Easter in Spain: Family, Food, and ¡Fiesta!

¡Hola! My name is Audrey, or as I’m known on my blog and by my Spanish husband, españolita (a term of endearment meaning “little Spanish woman”) for my love of all things Spain (especially their jamón serrano). Wait, why am I telling you this? Isn’t this supposed to be a post about Easter in Spain? Good question,

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