Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the 2020 Holiday Season

The Holidays Are Here

It is no secret that holiday traditions and gift buying will be different this year due to the rise of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. Social distancing is still in full effect, and millions are facing financial constraints. So, inexpensive gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season are a must.

In addition, traveling and having substantial family get-togethers are also difficult. Many of our usual traditions will more than likely be replaced with a more hybrid event approach. In fact, travel spending has gone down 45% since COVID-19 surfaced. 

Even though this might be the reality this year, it does not mean you have to forfeit gift-giving for the 2020 holiday season. Of course, presents cost money. And you might be unable to give gifts to family or friends in person. But there are still plenty of inexpensive holiday gifts that both kids and adults will love. Because the holidays are creeping up quickly, below is an easy holiday gift guide that will result in lots of smiles while not breaking the bank during these uncertain times. 

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Adults

Personalized Family Mugs: Use pictures of them, their pets, their kids, or a favorite quote to make this gift especially memorable.

Something Soft: From blankets, slippers, nightgowns, towels, pillows, and much more, soft and cozy is always a great choice.

Bottle of a Favorite Wine: If you know someone who enjoys wine, buy them their favorite brand and perhaps a new set of wine glasses to go with it.

Picture Frames or Albums: Photo organizers and displays are always a crowd-pleaser.

Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant: Sure, COVID-19 set dining limitations, but it will not last forever, and gift cards don’t usually expire. Think about getting them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. This way they can grab carryout or enjoy it later.

Something Handmade: Consider using your skills to make handmade clothing, home décor, artwork, or anything else they might like. These sentimental gifts are always enjoyable to give and receive.

Food Gifts: Food gifts, like cookie or cheese sets, are usually winning gift ideas to consider. Some fantastic gift boxes to check out are from Masala My Life (Use promo code GUPTAS10) for 10% off.

Experience-Driven: Do you have a person in your life who enjoys experiences? Think about getting them a spa day or a certificate for a free haircut.

Outdoor Gifts: From gardening gear to lawn care items to outdoor decorations, these excellent holiday gifts should also be considered.

Gas Card: Though traveling has decreased, people still need to drive and get around. Buying a gas card to fill their gas tank will surely be welcomed.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Younger Kids

Educational Gifts: These will not only make parents happy but will give kids a fun way to work on their cognitive development. For those kids who will not be with you in-person, try an ABC Mouse subscription. They will be able to log in the moment you share it with them remotely.

Arts and Crafts: Age-appropriate arts and crafts kits always make good, inexpensive gifts. An awesome provider of diverse arts and crafts kits is Artsy Dinos.

Games: There are endless games on the shelves that kids will enjoy. Some of the most fun and effective ones are customarily memory games, counting games, and critical thinking games. For memory games that celebrate diversity check out Little Likes Kids. 

Kid Tablet: From ages 3+, you can get a kid-friendly tablet for about $100 or less. This is an excellent way for kids to learn and play, as long as parents approve first, of course.

Puzzles: Pick out a cool, age-appropriate puzzle that the child will enjoy working on. If they are into something specific, like dinosaurs or Barbie dolls, choose a puzzle that reflects that. Some puzzles to check out with diverse and multicultural characters are: I Love Masala Me, Puzzle Huzzle, and Little Likes Kids.

Culture Enriching Gifts: Give a child the wonderful gift of learning about the world around them and getting connected with different cultures. Ideas include signing up for a subscription box such as Little Passports, Toka Box, Little Global Citizens, or In Kidz.

Experiential Gifts: This includes gifting experiences to something the child loves to do or wants to experience firsthand, like learning a new language or taking dance lessons. It is a thoughtful gift idea, and you can often purchase a gift card or certificate to attend.

Clothing: Kids tend to outgrow their clothing pretty fast, which makes clothing a highly-practical gift idea.

Real Life Inspired Gifts: This includes stuffed animals (that look like real animals), kitchen toys, lifelike baby dolls, doctor kits, etc. Kids like playing and learning with items that represent the world in which we live.

Sensory Related: From kinetic sand to Play-Doh and slime, kids absolutely adore sensory toys to enhance focus, relax them, and advance their developmental skills.

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It Is the Thought that Counts 

There is nothing more gratifying and heartwarming than discovering the perfect gift for someone to open during the holidays. However, always remember that it is not the gift itself that matters; it is the very act of giving that means the most. You are showing your loved ones that you were thinking about them and that you care. 

In the end, regardless of COVID-19 separating people and families this 2020 holiday season, leverage the holiday gift guide above. Make sure to stay safe with your gatherings. And enjoy the holidays while they last because it is still a wonderful time of year that should be celebrated.

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