How Valentine’s Day in Mexico is Celebrated

About a week before Valentine’s Day in Mexico, vendors on the streets start offering heart-shaped balloons and all kinds of plush animals decorated with pink and red hearts.

Valentine’s Day is translated as Día de San Valentín, but in Mexico, we usually refer to it as Día del Amor y la Amistad (Day of love and friendship).

Mexicans love parties and celebrations, maybe that’s the reason Valentine’s day isn’t exclusive to couples. We also celebrate friendship and anyone who is important in our life.

So, let me explain how Valentine’s Day in Mexico is celebrated.

How Valentine's Day is celebrated in Mexico |Multicultural Kid Blogs


Valentine’s Day in Mexico: How to Celebrate Friendship

  • People of all ages show their appreciation for friends and on this day. We usually gift candies or handmade goodies, like heart-shaped rice Krispie treats.
  • People also write a letter of appreciation to your friends.
  • Some kids at school have in-classroom parties and they bring candies or stickers for their friends.
  • Older kids play a game called “el amigo secreto”(the secret friend) similar to what we call “Secret Santa.” In this game, everybody has to give a little present such as candy. This happens every day from the start of the game until Valentine’s Day when the partners are revealed to each other.
  • Young adults prefer to celebrate with a party, often including dancing and singing.
  • Places like schools and churches often host a Kermes, similar to a carnival, with food, fun activities, and booths related to love and friendship. There is a booth where you can get “married” and both of you get a ring. After this, the “groom” has the obligation to invite his “bride” to some tacos and drinks from the Kermes. If he doesn’t accept, he has to pay a fee or go to “jail”.
  • People who prefer technology share something about this day on social media or send e-gift cards to their friends.

valentines day mexico | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Valentine’s Day in Mexico: How to Celebrate Love

  • Public affection is common in Mexico. You can see couples kissing in the parks or in the street on a normal day. People can really let go on Valentine’s day, so be prepared.
  • This is the day where most couples celebrate love gifting flowers, plush animals or balloons to their romantic partners.
  • Most of the couples go out for dinner, watch the sunset, or go to the movies. Other people prefer to stay at home, check these ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home.
  • Lovers also use social media to celebrate this day, sharing their pictures with their romantic partners, love quotes or poems.
  • To me, the most romantic and traditional way to show your love in Mexico is with a serenata. Get a mariachi band to sing to your romantic partner. Mariachi bands are not cheap. However, if you can’t afford to get a mariachi, find some friends with guitars and sing to the love of your life. “Que bonito amor…” (“What a beautiful love” ).

valentine's day mexico | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Now that you know how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Mexico, show your love the Mexican way!

Felíz día del Amor y la Amistad!

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